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Industries like construction or manufacturing have their fair share of technical difficulties and other inconveniences when working on a project. However, advancements in technology have offered them multiple solutions to complex issues. Like the

 a precious piece of equipment that helps relocate heavy objects. Manufacturing industries and factories have some hefty equipment that is too heavy to move, and that is why there are bridge cranes installed in their system.

What Is A Bridge Crane?

A bridge crane or an overhead crane is defined as equipment used for moving other heavy equipment. Factories where a load of things are always moving around which is why they need this crane. It is a convenient tool for carrying massive weights that other equipment cannot lift. For example, the automobile industry that makes cars, buses, trucks, etc., requires moving many heavy metal parts of the vehicle. In this case, the overhead crane plays a vital role in transferring heavy items from one place to another.

How Does A Bridge Crane Work?

An overhead crane is built by a complex mechanism that includes several parts like a hook, hoist, trolley, bridge, etc. These components of the tools make several tasks like loading or unloading heavy material from trucks easier. This tool’s basic structure and functions are simple: the overhead has two parallel rails installed on I-beams. These I-beams are attached to opposite steel columns, and there is a hoist attached to the crane for lifting materials.

The hook supports and locks the connection with the hoist and makes it lift, hold, or low. This hoist can be powered manually with air compression or with electricity. The hoist is also connected to the trolley that moves along the horizontal path of the crane. The runway system also keeps the crane on track and slides it along the trail. On both sides, the end trucks move the bridge up or down using wheels.
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What Are The Benefits Of Using A Bridge Crane?

Any industrial facility will admit that the bridge crane makes their task much more accessible. Thus, there are several benefits of using it.

Speed And Efficiency ­– Speed and productivity are two very crucial aspects of industrial requirements. This device maximizes the speed and efficiency of the workers by helping them move heavy objects. Most of the materials at the factory can be weighty and shifting them to different locations can be difficult. Luckily, the overhead crane is explicitly built to lift heavyweight and move to the desired place with extreme speed and efficiency.

Safety: When working in a factory, safety is a must concern to take care of as many accidents occur at work. This device eliminated handling heavy materials manually and relocated them safely, and it carries heavy objects through the bridge and relocates them efficiently.

Reduces Damage and Manual Need – When a task is performed manually mistake is supposed to occur. But machines designed for precisely relocating heavy objects safely make it more accessible. Thus, it reduces material damage and increases productivity, lowering costing.

Avoid Floor Blockages – it happens most of the time that your warehouse floor is blocked with heavy stuff. Thus, moving something becomes extremely difficult. In such a situation, a bridge crane can easily move the required stuff from one place to another. And it works on a higher level. So, it would not bother the workers as well.


Factory and other manufacturing facility workers have many heavy tasks to perform, including relocating heavy items, which can be risky. Thankfully, the overhead crane makes the job lot more accessible by carrying items by a hooked hoist.


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