Error Free Solutions to Export G Suite Mailbox to PST File


Google Workspace is one of the reliable & ideal platforms for enterprises. Export G Suite Mailbox to PST is because Export G Suite Mailbox to PST is less costly as compared to other platforms. But whenever you as a company start growing and become a big business, you need to use an application like Microsoft Outlook, which offers the flexibility to work, better functionality, and customization.

Carrying old data of G Suite and wanted to export G Suite mailbox to PST file format, you need to be cautious while selecting the migration approach. Although there are free methods available to do so, it will be difficult for novice users and consume more time. 

This write-up will discuss choosing the best & reliable approach to move your G Suite data into the PST file. Kindly stay here to gather complete knowledge about the best migration trick.

Best Solution to Export G Suite Mailbox to PST

If you are looking to employ the finest and error-free solution to export all data of your G Suite account into Outlook PST, you can look at the Shoviv G Suite backup tool; it is an excellent solution to move multiple mailboxes at one time. Whether you have single-user mailboxes or group mailboxes, this solution easily copes with the same.

There is no doubt about this software as it helps even manage the complete migration of company G Suite mailboxes. This software offers a much high processing speed. Along with it, the tool has various user-centric features, which are as follows:

Schedule Periodic Backup

This software provides a customized export facility. Users can select when they need to start exporting mailboxes from the given time frame. Using this option, the software will automate the process further without any intervention from the user. The given time slot is daily, weekly, and monthly. 

Incremental Export Feature

Every process may find some interruption during the processing time. But this tool has one such feature known as Incremental, which will make sure to resume the process from the last point where the process gets halted. This software also restricts exported data from entering the process after resuming the export process.

Item filter Option

Some users might like to migrate selected data in order to keep the resultant file size smaller. So the same goes with the user who needs to export G Suite mailbox to PST file but with only selected data. Using the software filter option, the user can select or deselect any file item based on multiple criteria such as Item type, Date, and Folder.

Bad Item Count

This feature will allow you to fix the total number of failed processed items count when you use the tool to stop the export process. Users can easily set out the count for bad items. For example, if you set it to 50, the software will completely stop the export process for the selected mailbox for which the mailbox item exportation had stopped, and the software will move towards the next mailbox. 

High Processing Speed

The tool has several advanced settings to increase the item processing speed. It means the software has a setting like multiple thread count & Item thread count. The multiple thread count allows you to run more than one threat for a particular export task. Similarly, the Item threat count helps to create & run several threats for single mailboxes. 

The Bottom Line!

Exporting your G Suite mailboxes into the Outlook PST file is helpful for users in many ways. Due to the disadvantages and time-consuming nature, applying the manual method does not make sense. If you need to export G Suite Mailbox to PST effortlessly, then user can look for the software from Shoviv G Suite Backup and Restore. It is a masterpiece that has all capability to make the migration task successful. It supports multiple mailboxes migration without any limitations. You can also take the overview of its trial version to know more about the software’s capability. 


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