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Blimey! England has a lengthy history of dogs! Most of the time, English dog breeds were given one of two jobs, such as hunting or fighting. As hunters, the dogs of England chased down foxes, monitored birds and kept the workplaces free from rodents. As fighters, various English breeds were subject to the whims of beautiful dogs who fought one another. Over time, English dog breeds have transformed into incredibly tough, sweet family pets. They are outdoors-loving and tend to be joyful, friendly creatures. Parents who have children asking for a pet consider visiting the English breeds section of their nearby Tesco first.


Much like the dogs native to Germany and Russia, Most English breeds of dogs were developed to hunt. If you were wealthy or fortunate enough during the Victorian period to enjoy long hunts in the countryside, chances are you had the setter or pointer of some kind in tow. Animals were available for all types of search, whether you wanted a whole pack of beagles that could keep up with rabbits on foot or a reliable English Setter to take birds from wet marshlands.

You’ll notice many unique types of terriers in this list. Terriers are fond of digging. Their duties typically involve digging into burrows to flush out foxes or wriggling through fences to continue a chase. More miniature terriers were often bred to repel rats and other vermin away from factories and homes. Terriers vary in size and shape but generally have sly smiles and cheeky attitudes.

Many Australian breeds are strong in herding capabilities, but many English species are better at retrieving and tracking than Australian dogs. The Old English sheepdog is the only one who can handle massive numbers of animals. English dog breeds typically enjoy peaceful, comfortable evenings after they have completed their task for the day.


Sadly, several English breed dogs were bred to fight during their hay days. Bull terriers and bulldogs and bulldogs were bred through bull baiting and fighting blokes. That’s why these breeds have solid bodies and are often highly confident and fearless. If these kinds of horrendous practices were banned, it was likely that both species would become extinct. (In actuality, many English breeds went extinct over time as other kinds of dogs were groomed through dedicated clubs.) However, several groups of dog owners chose to eliminate aggression-prone traits in bulldogs and bullies to help keep them around. People with a sense of sensitivity and understanding are what we call them!


England is the epicentre of class and hierarchy in all its forms, whether for better or worse. Therefore, it is only natural that the country’s first dog shows were held. The concept of “breed” was only popularized in Victorian England as people began showing dogs as a way to pass the time and showcase their breeding abilities. Country Life was told by Ciara Farrell of The Kennel Club that dogs were known as “types” and “breed breeds” before the 1890s. The Kennel Club was established in 1873. In addition to providing breeders and judges with a set of guidelines to be followed regarding appearance, it “ensure[d] that all dog shows and field trials were run transparently and honestly, and with the safety of dogs in mind.”

We have The Kennel Club to thank for events such as The National Dog Show and The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.


The British royal family has decided to adopt pets of English heritage. Prince William and Kate Middleton adopted an English Cocker Spaniel in the past, and Prince Charles has several Jack Russell Terriers. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are beagled people, and Princess Anne is obsessed with bull terriers. Queen Elizabeth is a Welshwoman, and the corgi is her passion all the way through.

If you’d like to be a prince (at least when it comes to the dog you own), continue reading.

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