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Does Repairing Your PC Delete Windows?


Although you would keep your software and all your files, reinstallation would delete certain things such as system icons, custom fonts and Wi-Fi credentials. However, as an aspect of the procedure, the setup can make a Windows.
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old folder that includes everything from your previous installation. Repairing does not format your drive, but does delete corrupted folders and files.

Hence, before reinstalling your window, Repairing is recommended to do the backup. If you are looking for a repair, you must know that you may lose corrupted files in case they are windows system files. Confirming “Repairing” windows won’t delete your regular files. Are you looking for PC repairs Edinburgh and are worried about losing your windows? As PC repairing experts, we let you know that repairing your PC does not delete your windows necessarily. However, if your window is corrupted, it would be deleted and reinstalled. Your normal files can be backed up!

How to Repair Windows Without Losing Files?

  • Back up first of all. It is the first essential process of repairing your windows.
  • Run disk cleanup.
  • Now fix or run Windows Update.
  • Now run the System File Checker.
  • Now run DISM.
  • Now do the refresh install.
  • That’s it.

Does PC Repair Delete Files and Programs?

You can choose whether you need to keep your files or empty the disk by cleaning it. However, the installation process will remove all the settings and apps. Although it seems a little odd, the solution is to upgrade your windows using the similar edition that is installed already. Choosing the option of keeping apps, files and settings is available in upgrading windows. So, you won’t lose any data in case you perform an automatic repair on your Windows 10. Those who use Windows 10 or Windows 8 may notice that it includes a new feature of recovery called an Automatic Repair.

What About Windows?

You can update a device running Windows 10 or Windows 7 without losing your important files and deleting everything on the hard drive using the feature of in-place upgrade.
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You can do so quickly with the tool called Microsoft Media Creation Tool. It is available for Windows 8.1 and Windows 7. Open Windows 10 settings from the WinX menu and select Upgrade. Now, click on the Recovery link, often seen in the left pane. After selecting this option, windows will delete your apps and settings, however, it will keep your data intact and personal files.

If you are finding yourself frustrated after investing a great deal of time and money into repairing your PC, you can contact PC repairs Edinburgh. is a top PC repair company offering comprehensive PC repair services in Edinburgh. They have a professional team with expertise in repairing computers and windows. They can reinstall your windows and repair your computer without deleting your data. Personal files will be kept while they perform a repair. So, you can’t lose your windows and data while corrupted files will be removed. So, contact them now for quick repair!


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