Do Male Cats Spray-Mark More Often Than Female Cats?


Do Male Cats Spray-Mark More Often Than Female Cats?

Both female and male cats can urine-mark.  Marking with urine is typical in non-neutered male cats.  If a non-neutered male cat marks something with urine, it will acquire that “tomcat” attribute, a pungent scent.  Neutering or castration would modify the scent and might even minimize the animal’s urine marking motivation.  However, about 5 percent of non-neutered (spayed) females and 10 percent of non-neutered males will still continue urine marking.  Yes, a multiple cat home’s resident cats would typically perform urine marking behaviors, but a single pet cat in a home might still do this too.

Some cats will use small quantities of urine (in rare instances, stool as well) to mark territories.  These areas are likely to be the same as those that are sprayed as mentioned above but might sometimes be their owners’ clothes or various other personal items.

But small urine quantities left outside litter boxes typically indicate a lower urinary tract disease. The animal avoiding her litter box, which might have various causes.  In the same manner, stool that is seen outside litter boxes can cause constipation, colitis, and various other medical conditions. They lead to more frequent, uncomfortable, or difficult elimination.  Like other problems with elimination, laboratory exams, and complete physical checkups. They are need so that physical causes to ruling out.

If your pet’s spray marking behavior bothers you, it is a good idea to talk to your veterinarian Cypress, TX about it.


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