Difference between Old World Marketing and New World Marketing?


While watching Modern Family’s latest episode, we noticed something. We see the tussle in some clients’ minds when they first start their digital marketing agency birmingham we work with many “traditional” businesses. This includes the engineering and manufacturing sectors. We wanted to show you the differences between “traditional” old-world marketing and “new marketing.”

Traditional Old World vs New World Marketing | In Our Experience ….

We find that many of these companies have no or little experience with digital marketing. This is not a criticism. They have either relied on repeat orders or their contracts in the past. They’ve also had salespeople on the road, bringing new business.
They don’t think they have ever needed a website.
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Or explored all other forms of digital marketing agency birmingham available!

Online Marketing is “Out There” Marketing

They are unable to grasp the concept of online marketing as an “out there” idea.
They are more familiarized with Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing theories. This way of working can make it seem like the internet is a powerful tool to increase sales, profits, and reach more customers.
They are more inclined to use simple, cost-effective and direct methods of growing their business.

All This Internet Flimflam!

The Phil/Haley storyline in Modern Family’s new episode features Phil Dunphy, a “Real Estate agent” who is unable to sell a property because someone has died. His daughter Hayley, meanwhile, has started her own social media company on commission. Phil is furious at her decision to do this. To prove her point, she asks her friends to share the “weird house up for sale” across their networks and receives lots of traffic. The ‘flash mob’ model is used with ‘rich’ people who make money online. There are many models that view the house.

This episode focused on affiliate marketing vs traditional models of sales.
It was clear that they are almost identical.
Affiliate marketing is based on commission-based selling using online techniques. This is a method we have used with great success.
Making it Work Online

This model’s success is determined by the gross margin of the product being sold. A profit can be made if the digital marketer is able to sell products by buying relevant traffic at a lower price than the gross margin.

The Digital Marketer can sell a PS100 product with a 50% Gross Margin for a PS50 product budget.
Digital marketing is more efficient than ever and makes more money.

This method is what we use at our digital agency Birmingham to help our clients. The best part is that it’s transparent because of the internet. digital marketing agency birmingham easy with the website providing conversion data and analytics.
Affiliate marketers can make a lot of money online by identifying products that have enough margin and then combining them with an audience who is interested in purchasing the product.
It is actually more difficult than you might expect to translate this process offline
As a digital agency Birmingham, has found that large corporations have complex sales models and that small businesses don’t know where their leads and sales come from.
Based on our experience with hundreds of clients over many years, we estimate that 90% of businesses don’t know where their business is from.

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