Different ways to Pay All Credit Card Bill Payments Online


People now frequently use credit cards to do daily tasks including paying energy bills, mobile phone bills, grocery shopping, etc. The days of only using credit cards for expensive purchases like airline tickets are long gone. People today are aware of how credit cards may be used to transfer funds, thus many of them have many cards from different banks to take advantage of the perks offered by each card issuer.

Every bank offers a variety of ways for customers to maintain and pay for their best credit cards in India, which they can select based on what is most convenient for them.

The two primary options are divided into online and offline payment methods, which are further divided into a variety of features that a client can utilize to settle their credit card debt.

Credit Card Bill Payment Through Net Banking Medium:

Current and savings account customers of the banks must register for this service in order to use the Net Banking facility. Customers can only make online payments after registering. After enrolling into their Net Banking accounts, customers can also attach their bank credit cards. The Bank credit card must be linked to the Net Banking account using the ATM pin.

Through the net banking feature, customers can access or view their bank credit card data, credit card statements, and unbilled transactions for up to six months.

The billed/unbilled transactions, credit limit, due dates, reward points accrued, and unpaid balances are all displayed for each Net Banking account. Customers can request replacement credit cards with a set price by using the Hot Listing feature, which is part of the Net Banking service, in the event that their credit cards are lost or stolen.

Log in to the bank’s website’s net banking service, pick the credit card tab, and then click the “Credit Card Payment Option” to pay your credit card bill online. Pay credit card balance from bank funds.

Credit Card Bill – Mobile Banking Application: 

Credit card holders can pay past-due bills via the bank’s mobile banking application. Customers must download the app to their mobile devices, then after installation, log in with their customer ID. It includes every functionality found in the Net banking portal. The user must select the “Credit Card Payment Option” under the “Credit Card” page in order to pay credit card debt. The mobile app allows users to access their savings account from anywhere while providing greatly better security for credit card accounts utilizing 128-bit SSL protection.

Online credit card payment from a different account

You can use your current bank account to pay your credit card bill if you don’t want to open a bank account with the specific bank in question. A person with a credit card has various options for paying credit card bills online with funds from other bank accounts. This practical method of paying your credit card bill via different institutions.

There are several online options for paying credit card bills so that you can use another bank account. 

National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT)

Using the NEFT feature, you can pay your credit card bill from any other bank account. To make a payment through NEFT, you often need to include your credit card number as the payee account number. The instructions may fluctuate somewhat between banks. Any payments made on a weekday during regular business hours are credited the same day, while payments made after regular business hours are credited the following business day.

Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) 

For those who frequently use their credit cards for sizable purchases, the RGTS mode enables you to pay all of your credit card bills at once, even if you have different bank accounts. To complete an RTGS transaction, all you need is for your other bank account’s online banking to be activated. You can send payments of up to Rs. 2 lakh through RGTS. Unlike NEFT, which processes transactions in batches, all RTGS transactions are completed individually.

Payment in cash

You can pay your credit card bills in cash at any of the local branches that are most convenient for you. When you pay your credit card bill, the bank will impose a processing fee every payment.

Payment via check

You can pay your credit card bill using checks in the same way that you would with cash if that is what you wish to do. You may also deposit checks including your credit card information and other necessary information at bank ATMs that have drop boxes for this purpose. 


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