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Different Types of Climate Control Systems – What you Need to Know


We definitely need a/c here in Australia and we are happy to announce that climate control systems are in a constant state of development, using less energy and being very efficient. If you are in need of climate control, there are a few options, which we outline in this short article.

Single room air-conditioners

A compressor is fitted outside and pipes are run to the interior unit, which is fitted close to the ceiling and you set the desired temperature; indeed, for many years, a single room a/c was the best option, now we have whole house solutions. Heavy-duty air conditioners offer longevity and the leading Japanese brands offer energy-efficient climate control.

Whole house climate control

Ducted a/c is one of the most popular choices for Australian homeowners, with aluminium ducting that is channelled through walls, sending cool air to all rooms in the house through small grills. The hardware is located in the loft or at the back of the house and the heat exchangers do their thing and provide the ideal temperature, which you can control by zoning off rooms.

HVAC systems

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems are the perfect climate control, which enables you to reverse the process and pump warm air into the home. Homes built after 2000 would have such a system, which is built into the design, if you would like to learn more about HVAC, Google can help you locate a local supplier who can survey the property and quote for the project. Click here for compelling reasons to use smart thermostats.

Portable air-conditioners

Handy units on wheels can cool a room in 10-15 minutes and many homeowners prefer these as they are cheaper to run. An online search will bring up a list of a/c suppliers and we recommend choosing Fujitsu.

Professional advice

If you are unsure about which system is best for your home, call in a climate control specialist and let the expert give you his opinion. Ducted a/c is ideal for a large home, as it is the most energy efficient and is designed to blend in with the decor. If you are looking for a single-room solution, cost-effective a/c units are available at reasonable prices.

BTU Ratings

British Thermal Unit (BTU) is a system to measure energy that is used in the climate control industry; the dimensions of a room are matched with the correct BTU, which ensures the system is capable of cooling the room; large rooms might require 2 units. The engineer might recommend 1,200 BTU for a particular room, it depends on the total area of the space you wish to cool.

Many Australian homeowners have already made the switch to solar energy and the government offers grants to those who install clean and renewable energy systems.


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