Did mobile Phone get hacked?


In this hustle and bustle, you are not the only person whether someone hacked your phone or not. It’s a legitimate concern for most people and a good idea to keep yourself informed about the latest trends in mobile security. To help with that, we’ll discuss what hacking your phone looks like and what you can do to protect yourself from it.

To start with, hacking your phone does not necessarily mean someone has broken into it. What it does mean is that an attacker has opened a back door to a device you are using. The most common types of rear doors allow the attacker to access specific personal information about the user (such as their name and date of birth) or internal applications such as Apple’s iMessage or Google’s Gmail. Consider this a security backdoor; the attackers gain access to your digital media player (phone) and reach into it, but they do not break in. Viruses and malware are the primary perpetrators of information hacking. These are programs that infiltrate your phone and perform functions without your knowledge or permission. They create backdoors into your data, similar to how law enforcement uses jailbreaking to circumvent built-in security. The real problem is that many people think their mobile devices are secure out-of-the-box, but they’re not. Most smartphones come with some pre-installed apps, many of which don’t exactly keep all your information safe. Some of them are more dangerous than helpful!

For example, the Android operating system contains a voice recognition app called Voice Search. However, Voice Search sends your voice directly to Google’s servers. If you begin using the Application, you can assure that Google is recording everything you say and sending it to their servers – which contain a vast amount of personal data about you, including your social security number. Apps like these are just one of the many reasons mobile security is essential for Android and iPhone users today.

With that said, here are some of the best ways to protect yourself from information hacking:

Install an antivirus application

The first step in protecting yourself from virus and malware attacks is to make sure you have an antivirus installed on your phone. Some free apps are available in the store, but you should always opt for a paid app that guarantees your phone’s safety. The basic idea behind antivirus software is to scan each file you download with your phone to ensure it doesn’t contain any malicious code.

Back up everything

Many people do not back up their digital data on their devices, which is surprising. Make sure you save everything in case your phone or tablet gets stolen or lost. While it’s not perfect, an online storage service like Dropbox can help you backup all the data on your device and keep it safe at home or wherever you store it.

Use a PIN or password

Because you have a lot of personal information on your phone, you should consider using a PIN to lock it. Use distinct numbers for each lock, and keep the PIN away from your phone or tablet. This way, anyone who gets their hands on your device won’t be able to access its data. You should also set up an Alphanumeric passcode in case someone was to get past the PIN and into the actual phone or tablet. The key here: if you lose your device, make sure you can reset everything without needing any additional information!

 Check your permissions

You must be aware of the applications you are installing and ensure they are safe. If you see an app that wants access to your contacts or location, you should seriously reconsider whether or not it is safe to use. You can also check an application’s permissions by doing a little research on the internet.

  Change your passwords

Do you want to know the best way to avoid hackers is to use the strongest passwords possible? It entails the use of capital letters, numbers, lowercase letters, symbols, and other characters. Also, don’t ever use the same password for multiple accounts, especially where personal information is needed (Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter).

Always enable encryption

Another important way to keep your data safe is to set up an encryption standard for your phone. If someone gets ahold of the device, they won’t be able to read your files and messages because they won’t recognize the encoding system you have in place. Most modern phones already have a built-in encryption system, so all you have to do is enable it, and it’ll be there for you no matter how much of a security threat you think you might face.

Update everything

Updating software on your phone is an excellent way to protect yourself from viruses and malware. With that said, you must ensure all your apps update with the latest bug fixes and security protocols.

Keep your eye on suspicious activity

Finally, keep a close eye on any suspicious activity that may be occurring in and around your phone. For example, if you receive many spam emails from people who are not supposed to email you, this could indicate something is wrong.

Using an Android device

Android phones have a lot of promise if you’re looking for the best way to keep yourself from information hacking. While there are still some limitations when accessing some data and applications, every security bug found and fixed before your phone is updated will be protected against Google. It means you aren’t at risk of exploiting your data through other apps or malicious software. And remember, if you want the most up-to- security, keep up with the latest security updates – including those that go out with each new version of your phone – and only use trusted apps and sites. With that said, you can stay safe and protect yourself from information hacking.

Some of the other remarkable features you’ll find in Sentinel Security & Antivirus include:

  • Scans high-risk apps, including Android APKs, before installation
  • Ability to change the scan type by location or time interval
  • Ability to auto-update for both your phone and apps
  • Protection against phishing attempts and other forms of fraud

Final Words

To find easy access to security ratings to help you keep yourself safe from malicious websites or apps. The only disadvantage we discovered was that some people appeared to experience driver issues after updating their drivers.


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