Dependency To Alcohol can Be Tough To Fight


It isn’t easy to decide what to do when you suspect your loved ones or a friend might be suffering from the effects of dependency on alcohol however, there are addiction treatment programs that can help.

If you’re concerned about the drinking habits of someone else, you might be able to be in one of the following scenarios:

“My daughter consumes a rehab centers near me bottle of wine each night as she is watching television or talking to her acquaintances. I am very concerned about the harm she’s doing to her health however when a good friend of mine confronted her daughter about the excessive drinking she was doing and she drank, even more, she resorted to drinking more in protest!” – Laura*

“My husband drinks way excessively, but I’m afraid that if I talk about the issue, he’ll become insane. He’s got a horrible temper, drunk or not.” Jane*

“My friend drinks the first thing at dawn. If she is unable to access alcohol at this time of the day and experiences withdrawal symptoms, the withdrawal effects she suffers from can cause her to experience hallucinations and she may become extremely aggressive. I’m afraid that if discuss her drinking habits, she’ll abandon me and I do not want to lose her” Omar*

How To Successful Fight Alcohol Addiction

“I am an assistant personal to an extremely successful entrepreneur. It’s a dream job. We travel to meetings via helicopter or stay in five-star hotels and enjoy fine dining and travel around the world in order to go to conferences. However, My boss has been slowly consuming himself by drinking alcohol. When I tried to bring up the topic last year, the boss yelled at me and told me to focus on keeping his diary in order and keep my eyes away from his private life! But it’s not as easy as we’re often thrown together all week.” Collette*

“My Son, Ritchie, plays electric and acoustic guitars with the band that is touring. He has also learned to drink like the rock stars. My husband thinks it’s funny and I do not. With all the alcohol that he’s enjoying every night touring with the band, Ritchie seems to look years older each when he returns from a concert. I’d love to talk with him about the life that he’s living, but I’m concerned that he’ll suddenly stop talking to me and go to his own life in the event that I ask.” Evelyn* Evelyn*

A gentle, soft approach is typically the most effective.

For many, beginning the discussion about alcohol Alcohol rehab near me abuse isn’t easy. However, engaging the person who drinks with a conversation in a relaxed non-pressure manner and without pressure – i.e. engaging them in conversation casually instead of using a pre-planned approach has been proven to be the most effective approach. This may cause a complete cessation of alcohol consumption or at the very least, an impressive reduction in the drinking habit.


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