9 Reasons to Choose Customized Curtain Tracks for Your New Home


Gone are the days when people preferred heavy and thick decorative curtain rods for hanging curtains, sheers or drapes in their rooms. Now, the trend has made a shift to a more modern, clean, and simple look with curtain tracks. For the uninitiated, here’s a list of reasons why you should choose customized curtain tracks India for your new home. 

1. Easy Installation

it are easy to install. You can do curtain tracks yourself without the need for a professional it installer. You will find easy to follow instructions and take guidance from the customer care team of the urtain track manufacturer. If you still need professional help, you can request the manufacturer to send an expert to install it. 

2. Suitable for Heavy and Long Curtains

it are very strong and can hold heavy and long curtains of modern homes. It is directly mounted into the ceiling and does not require any bracket as in the case of curtain rods. There will be no sagging due to the load of a heavy curtain on the curtain tracks.

3. Smooth Movement with Low Resistance

Curtains tracks allow curtains to easily move within the tracks due to their design. You will not find any resistance while closing or opening the curtain. There are many types of carriers within the curtain tracks that can enhance your experience such as button carrier, wheeled snap button, ball bearing, two-wheel carriers, and more. You can also attach a curtain wand so that the closing and opening of the curtain can become easier.

4. Minimalist Look

it are not significantly visible. The main focus shifts to the beauty of the curtain only with no distraction. In the case of a curtain rod, it can change the focus from the curtain to the curtain rod. 

5. Suitable for Tall and Large Windows 

If the window size is too large, then it are more suitable for it. You can use a motorized pulley system so that large Roman curtains can be easily closed or opened as needed.

6. Suitable for Various Window Shapes

Curtain tracks are also suitable for unique window shapes like bay windows or curved windows. You can easily customize and place the curtain tracks on these windows. Even if the curtains tracks are bent, they will still run smoothly. It can give a fancy and aesthetic look to the room.

7. Less Space Required

If there is no extra space above the window or on the side of the window, then curtain rods cannot be installed. You can only use curtain tracks on such windows.

8. Blocks Light Effectively

Many people using curtain rods know that light always enters the room from above and side of the curtain due to the gap created by the curtain rods. But curtain tracks are closely attached to the ceiling and are fitted so close to the wall that there is no chance for light to enter the room. It will help you completely block the outside light.

9. Cost-Effective

Curtain tracks are often a more affordable and cost-effective method to hang the curtains than curtain rods.

With these many reasons, there is no doubt that curtain tracks are certainly a more compelling choice when compared to curtain rods.


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