Steps To Make Perfect Cake Boxes


custom cake boxes are like storage containers and they are explicitly designed in such a manner that can protect the cake for long hours. If you are an owner of a bakery then getting cake boxes wholesale through manufacturers can be quite expensive and without cake boxes, your business cannot flourish. By putting in a little effort you can easily make simple, stylish, cute, and unique cake boxes all by yourself. The most important factor in running any business is to get profits with the usage of a little budget. If you make these tall cake boxes at home you can save many bucks plus ease the tension out of your life. Making personal cake boxes is quite easy as you can have an idea in mind by looking at the type of cake you are making the box for. Nowadays recyclable cake boxes are also in vogue. custom cake boxes If you want to gift a cake to your special friends even then making a cake box at home is a good solution. Let’s look at some tips on how to make perfect and long cake boxes.

Introduction to making cake boxes

You will need poster boards, transparent gift-wrapping papers, glue, a ruler, and an Exacto knife.custom cake boxes You can also put in extra cardboard paper to prevent your wooden table from any cuts. Additionally, you can keep some extra cake board to place your cake. You can also see a few cake sample cake boxes for getting some easy tips.

Required materials

Step 1:

You can make a cake box by using poster board. By placing the cake board in between a poster board you can take quick measurements of the dimensions. It’s wise to keep a distance of one-third or one-fourth inches to get an accurate result. These can be used for both clear cake boxes and drums effectively.

Step 2:

Lightly fold the poster boards from each of the three sides. Then mark a straight and beautiful line which will give you a clean fold. Poster boards are usually used for corrugated cake boxes wholesale.

Step 3:

Place the cake board on the poster board once again, to check the endings of the cake board and mark a straight line around it slightly.

Step 4:

If you see an extra part of the poster board, cut it wisely using your Exacto knife. Each corner should be cut my making a flap. Make sure that your fingers are not hurt.

Step 5:

Check if your flaps are even and then put a little amount of glue on it by using a hot glue gun. The amount of glue that is to be used should be taken into consideration wisely.As the flaps should not touch each other when you cover them with a lid.

Step 6:

The best thing is to press the flap for around one minute so it sticks well and let the glue get dried up. The same step should be repeated for all remaining sides.

Step 7:

 Coming to the second poster board, all the above steps are to be repeated except a little change. The sides should be a little shorter this time which will be around one-fourth of an inch.

Step 8:

Once you have completed all three sides, probably one last side will remain. You can easily follow the same steps which you have already followed for the other three sides. Another short tip is to have one-fourth inch, of space left on the top.

Step 9:

This step covers cutting the slits on all four corners which are there on the lid. Do not rush into putting some glue on it and give ample time before doing this.

Step 10:

Look at the lid carefully and make a square by cutting it in the middle. The size of the square can be of your choice. The wrapping paper should be one inch bigger than the size of the square so keep it in mind while taking the measurements. You can now use the glue to attach wrapping paper on all sides of the square. The lid is finally placed on the bottom top. When this all is done, your cake box is ready to use.

Making a good cake box on your own can save you money as nowadays most of the manufacturers are quite expensive. Cake boxes can be bought on an average budget though.


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