Cigars: A Taste Of Luxurious Lifestyle


A cigar is a roll of fermented tobacco wrapped in tobacco leaf or paper containing tobacco or extract. Smoking a cigar can offer a  very soothing and relaxing experience compared to a standard cigarette. After an exhausting day at work, a cigar, much like a cold beer, gives a relaxing experience.

In a medical context smoking a cigar supplies the body with nicotine which acts like a chemical relaxant. Cigars, on average, contain 100 to 200 mg of nicotine, compared with 10mg per average cigarette. Smoking one cigar provides the same relaxant as smoking 10 to 20 cigarettes. The cigar’s flavour has a lot of subtlety, like wine, coffee & spirits. Buitrago Cigars offers the best deal on cigars. They provide the best quality cigars, hookah and much more. Use our Exclusive store Buitrago Cigars Coupon Code to get a 30% discount on your order.

The most important determining factor while choosing a cigar is the quality of tobacco used which results in a reasonable amount of smoke. Cuba and a handful of other Latin American regions have ideal conditions for growing the best quality tobacco and rolling into the best cigars available around the globe.

Different cigars contain different types of tobacco that each serve many purposes, and they’re broken down into the following three categories.

1. Filler

The filler is the innermost part of the cigar, where the bulk of a cigar’s tobacco ends up. The filler contains a blend of different tobacco blends from other regions. The cigar’s flavours can be slightly tweaked by changing the combinations. 

The best cigars contain long fillers and whole leaves that have not been chopped up. They offer a better smoking experience as they burn much slower.

2. Binder

The binder tobacco comprises the most robust leaves in a cigar for wrapping up the filler. The binder forms the cigar’s middle and significant layer but imparts the least amount of flavour. A cigar maker chooses the binder compatible with a filler in both burn time and taste.

3. Wrapper

The quality of a cigar is primarily decided by the wrapper used. A wrapper forms the outermost portion of the cigar and provides maximum flavour. It is simply a single large leaf wrapped around the binder. A good quality wrapper is decided by the country where it’s grown, the conditions, i.e. sunny or shaded, the breed of tobacco and the ageing process.

Let’s take a round around the globe to find the best cigars of 2022:

1.Davidoff Aniversario Series

Davidoff offers the highest quality cigars by using their ancient knowledge of the plant to grow the best tobacco in the market. The cigar has a rich and complex taste with notes of hay and buttery smoke with a touch of pepper spice. The price of the cigar starts at $23.

2. Padron Anniversary Series 1964

The Padron Anniversary series came up with an exceptionally delicious-tasting cigar. A box-pressed dark chocolate Maduro wrapper makes it the ultimate choice for cigar lovers. The smoke will make you feel like an absolute boss. The cigar has a deep earthy fragrance. The smell of a cigar has a dash of floral and fruity scent, which builds up and transforms into the smooth bitterness of chocolate or espresso. The price of a cigar starts at $14.

Cigars: A Taste Of Luxurious LifeStyle

3. Ferio Tego Timeless Panamericana

Ferio Tego offers affordable, balanced and approachable cigars with outstanding construction. The cigar flavour is creamy and buttery with hints of cocoa, toasted bread and bread. It forms a perfect match with a cup of coffee. The price of the cigar is $13.

4. Best Mild Cigars

Mild cigars have a very soft and subtle flavour with a note of freshness on your palate. The Connecticut wrapper is light golden with no bitterness and sharp edges.

5. Davidoff Aniversario Short Perfecto

Davidoff is the Rolls Royce of cigars, meaning high-quality cigars at a  much higher price. The flavour is rich and complex, with the highest quality leaf. The cigar size is under five inches with a 52-millimetre ring gauge.

The taste takes off hay and buttery smoke, progressing into earthiness with even a note of pepper spice. The price of the cigar is $20.

6. Foundation Highclere Castle Churchill

Highclere offers light coloured wrapper with a Nicaraguan filler and Brazilian binder to add intricacy to the mild flavours. The cigar taste is a blend of creamy with notes of pepper, citrus and leather. The price of a cigar is $15.

7. Best Medium Cigars

A medium cigar offers richer and denser smoke with a mouthfeel warmer and oiler with flavour. It is a perfect fit with a glass of wine.

8.Tatuaje Tattoo Series

Tatuaje Tattoo came up with the best Cuban cigar with a strong flavour from Cuban-seed Nicaraguan-grown tobacco. The cigar tastes more of a black-and-white pepper spice with a hint of sweet cream, cocoa and cedar. The price of the Cuban cigar is $5.

9. The Texas Lancero by Alec Bradley

Lancero offers a 7-inch long with a 70-millimetre ring gauge. The taste profile of a cigar is a complex mix of nuts, leather and citrus. The big ring gauge is responsible for an enormous amount of flavour. The price of a cigar is $10.

10. 7-20-4 The Hustler

The Hustler offers cigars with the best quality tobacco from around Central America. The cigar fills your mouth with full-bodied smoke with a  well-crafted stick. The cigar’s flavour profile comes with a fresh cedar with a burnt sweet toast complemented with a hint of Mexican coffee.

Wrapping Up: With The Best Cigar Brands Around The Globe

For the sheer love of cigars, we have enlisted ten brands which offer high-end cigars. The cigar quality depends on the premium tobacco used, fillers, and binders. Smoking cigar stimulates a chemical which relaxes your nerves. It lasts long and offers a variety of flavour profiles.


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