Choosing Wedding Entertainment For Your Reception


So you just got engaged! Now it’s time for the fun to begin. You have a wedding to plan! At this point you may have a lot of questions running through your mind. Where do you start? What questions should I ask vendors? Where will I get the money? Wait, how much money are we talking about? Contrary to what many couples believe, planning a wedding can actually be fun. With proper planning and time allotted to complete it you can create your own unique and exciting Chicago Wedding reception.

When it comes to the entertainment part of your reception this needs to be treated with the same care as any other important part of your wedding. entertainment seems to be one of, if not the most important part of hospitality. Sure, food, decor and camaraderie are important but without entertainment, these events would take on a completely different character.

In terms of factors related to entertainment, or those that play a major role in the success or failure of an event, some serious consideration must be given when employing appropriate entertainment.

Will you get proper entertainment by hiring the cheapest answering operator or would you choose one just because they live in your city? Here are a few things to consider before choosing your entertainment:

Does the entertainer have experience providing services for your type of event? This question cannot be answered with a simple yes or no question. You need someone who knows the ropes. How knowledgeable do you want your entertainer to be? Consider getting a series of references from past clients.
Who will be the entertainer at your event? Often times with large multi-tasking companies you don’t really know who your entertainer is until late at night. Is this something you want to accept? Always ask this question when purchasing entertainment and make sure it is clearly and concisely spelled out in your contract.
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What kind of equipment should you have at your event? Imagine not being able to understand the announcements or even hear many tunes or noises during your event. Imagine having a section of your event beautifully decorated with wire mesh and weapons. Another important aspect is that an entertainer who charges top dollar does not necessarily mean that they are bringing top dollar equipment to your event. Getting a picture of their installation is a must!
What other services are included besides just playing music? Will you need an emcee at your event, an organizer, or even someone to interact and participate with your crowd? Does your entertainer want to step up to the plate and provide those services? These can be important things to ask before your event. He hates hiring an entertainer who can’t entertain.
Is your speaker fun and personable in public? Do they speak in full sentences without stuttering and using um and uh? Public speaking is said to be the greatest fear in the United States. If someone can’t speak in person they can’t speak in front of your crowd. This is an important part of the entertainment that can be watched.
Are storage areas provided and easily accessible? As you all know man made electricity and all things made by man can fail. So it is important that your entertainment not only has safety equipment but also a safety plan. Ask your host about their security arrangements.
What happens if the entertainer is ill or otherwise unable to attend your event? This information should be included in the written contract form with ALL service providers. Always place these items before your event to avoid any situation later.
Does your entertainer have insurance? Every legitimate business has insurance. This may seem unimportant at first, but heaven forbid something else happen in your case. Want to rent entertainment without it? Ask your broker to provide you with proof of property AND liability insurance.
Are there secrets to extra money or expectations required from your mentor? For example, do you have to pay a service fee for the stairs in the lobby? Or do you have to pay for their dinner? Will they need a break? If you are an entertainer who does not include these issues in their sales pitch, you should probably ask them.


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