Opening an Online Store! Challenges with Online Payment Systems To Be Aware Of


Opening an online store and becoming an entrepreneur is a rewarding experience. In today’s world dominated by modern technology, online businesses and merchants must accept secure and swift payments from customers. An online payments gateway simplifies the digital transaction experience for both customers and merchants. Although online payment systems open the doors for outstanding opportunities, they come with a few challenges.

Here, we have outlined a few biggest online payment challenges every eCommerce business faces and how to overcome them.

Online Payment Frauds

Online payment frauds are not new in the world of digital transactions. Fraudsters keep discovering new ways to exploit gaps in the digital payment systems. When the customers enter their private and financial information in the gateway, the gateway sends it to the payment processor for authentication. This is the best time for hackers to steal the details on the way and steal money. An eCommerce business owner can prevent data breaches by selecting a payment gateway with the latest security measures. These include PCI-DSS compliance, end-to-end encryption, SSL certification, etc.

Cross-Border Transactions

Geographical boundaries cannot restrict eCommerce stores from expanding their horizons. However, such transactions occur between different locations and carry more vulnerability and fraud risks. Overcoming payment fraud in cross-border transactions is possible by using a transnational system that reduces reliance on a correspondent network. Using a payment gateway that follows government-led mandates and initiatives helps manage liquidity and reduces credit risks.


Chargebacks occur when customers dispute their purchases with their banks. Having disputes with customers is frustrating for business owners. Chargebacks caused due to fraud have dramatically increased over the last few years, putting a business at a higher risk of loss. Sometimes, the customer may file a dispute with the bank instead of contacting the merchant directly to solve the issue. 

To avoid suffering frequent chargebacks, the business must clearly describe its return and cancellation policies on the website. Following proper security protocols while accepting digital payments will help. Verify all transactions with accurate details and ensure each order’s shipping with real-time tracking updates.

Frequently Changing Payment Options

Payment processors in India undergo continuous technological and financial advancements. These changes affect the online payment systems and the available payment options. All online and offline stores in India are moving towards cashless transactions. Therefore, satisfying customers who still pay in cash can be challenging. 

The eCommerce website must look for a payment gateway that caters to buyers’ and sellers’ needs to overcome this challenge. Contact the payment processor’s support team and look for the available options. A robust payment gateway will ensure safe transactions and ease the maintenance of cash payments, passbooks, and cash books.

Satisfying Customers’ Expectations

Modern customers expect diverse payment options and personalized user experiences while shopping online. Therefore, finding an online payment gateway that satisfies customers’ needs is crucial. The business world is rapidly changing. So, it’s best to integrate a payments gateway for better ROI and user experience. However, make sure the gateway overcomes the above challenges and is a good fit for the online store.


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