Casey Mongillo: Why I’m not done with journalism


Casey Mongillo, editor-in-chief of KDVR Fox 31 Denver, talks about how he has no plans to stop being a journalist. Mongillo says he has found it difficult to transition into the digital age and that reporting is still his passion.

What is journalism?

When I think of journalism, the first thing that comes to mind is the importance of holding those in power accountable. I firmly believe that it is one of the most important functions of journalism to hold people and organizations accountable. Unfortunately, this is something that seems to be disappearing from the industry.
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Casey Mongillo is an excellent example of someone who has dedicated their career to holding those in power accountable. Mongillo started out as a reporter for WNEP-TV in Scranton, PA. While there, she won several awards for her work covering local politics and breaking news. After leaving WNEP, Mongillo worked as a freelance journalist for a number of outlets before landing a job with The Intercept in 2017.

Since joining The Intercept, Mongillo has continued to break new ground by reporting on topics such as the Trump administration’s ties to Russia and ICE’s practice of separating families at the border. In addition to her journalistic work, Mongillo is also an advocate for social justice and regularly speaks out on issues such as police brutality and systemic racism.

I believe that it is important for journalists to hold those in power accountable so that they can make informed

Is it still relevant in our digital age?

Since graduating from college, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what I want to do with my life. And one of the things that has been on my mind a lot is whether or not journalism is still relevant in our digital age.

I think there are a few reasons why journalism is still important, even in this age of social media. First of all, journalism can help us learn more about the world around us. It can teach us about the government, the economy, and other important issues. Journalism can also help us learn about people who we might not normally get to know. For example, I learned a lot about Sudanese refugees through journalism.

Second of all, journalism can help us understand the consequences of our actions. For example, if we want to know what will happen if we vote for a particular candidate, we can read articles about politics in the newspaper or online. This is important because it helps us make informed decisions.

Lastly, journalism can help us hold those who are responsible for bad things accountable. When we read articles about corruption or injustice in our society, we can learn what needs to be done to fix these problems. This is especially important in today

How is journalism transmitted today?

Casey Mongillo: Why I’m not done with journalism

It seems like everywhere you turn, there’s a new form of journalism being popularized. However, some people still cling to the old ways of transmitting information. Casey Mongillo is one such person. Mongillo is a journalist who has dedicated her life to telling stories through writing. However, she isn’t done yet! In this article, Mongillo shares her thoughts on the current state of journalism and why she believes that it still has plenty of room for improvement.

In the current climate of journalism, it seems like there are endless options for those looking to become a reporter or editor. This abundance of choices can be great if it leads to increased accuracy and quality in news reporting. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Mongillo believes that many journalists today are too quick to pull the trigger on stories without thoroughly investigating them first. This tendency can lead to inaccurate reports that could damage innocent people or businesses.

Mongillo also points out that today’s journalists often lack the training necessary to produce high-quality content. This deficiency is most evident in the way reporters handle difficult questions or topics. Too often, they resort to providing canned responses

The future of journalism

There has been a lot of talk lately about the future of journalism. Some say that it is dead, while others argue that it is still very much alive and well. Casey Mongillo, a student at Louisiana State University, believes that journalism is in for a big change, and he has some reasons why.

Mongillo started out as a reporter for his school’s paper, but he eventually realized that he wanted to do more than just write articles. So he switched gears and became a news anchor. He worked his way up the ladder, eventually becoming the station’s news director. While working as an editor, Mongillo realized that most journalists are not doing anything new or innovative. In fact, they are simply rehashing old stories and clichés. That’s why Mongillo believes that journalism is in for a big change.

He thinks that the future of journalism lies in social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. These platforms allow journalists to communicate with their audience directly and interact with them on a one-on-one basis. This type of interaction gives journalists a better understanding of their readers’ needs and desires. It also allows


In the two years since I left my job as a reporter at The Huffington Post to pursue a career in comedy, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to reflect on what led me to that decision. And one constant theme has been how much journalism has shaped who I am as a person and an artist.

Journalism is more than just writing articles; it’s about holding powerful people accountable, telling stories that matter, and fighting for the truth. It’s given me the opportunity to travel all over the world, meet some of the most interesting people imaginable, and learn from some of the brightest minds in media.

So while I may not be done with journalism entirely — there are still compelling stories out there that need to be told — it feels like the right time for me to move on and explore new horizons.


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