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Best Career Guidance After Class 12th: After completing the Class 12th board Exam. the question that arises in every mind is What to do after the class 12th exam? Here, we provide you with the best career guidance after class 12th exams. However, most of the students get confused about whether they should go for their passion or they should follow their guidance advice.

So, in the article below, we, the CA Wizard team, will provide you with the best career guidance after class 12th. Also, this article will help the students to make a proper mindset while choosing the best option.

First, we will discuss how to choose the right career options.

How to Choose the Right Career Option after class 12th?

Choosing the right career option after class 12th decides how successful you are going to be in the future. However, nowadays, there is various career option that a student can pursue. Further, just after completing the class 12th exams, students have time for the declaration of results. During that waiting period, it is suggested that the student choose the best career options for them.

Moreover, your friends and family will suggest you some options and will make you confused. Don’t Listen to anyone; just follow the steps below:

What is your Interest?

The first thing you should keep in mind when selecting the best career is your interest. Never think about a career beyond your interest. However, most of the students just choose the option because their friend is choosing that. It is suggested not to do such things. Further, for e.g., if a student is interested in drawing or sketching, then they can pursue designing as their career.

How to Choose the Right Course?

Nowadays, a lot of courses are available, which the students can choose after completing the class 12th examination. However, the students have the option of choosing a degree course, a diploma course, part-time course. Moreover, the student must check the course details, structure and syllabus before selecting any course.

Know the Future Scope

Now, once you decide which course to pursue, it’s time to check out the future scope. The student must check how much they are going to earn after doing the course. Is the course demandable in future?
Moreover, now let’s see about the courses that you can opt for.

List of Courses Students can Pursue after Class 12th

There are certain courses that a student can pursue after class 12th. Let us look at a few of these:

1. Chartered Accountant

Chartered Accountants or CA is the course which paid the highest salary to commerce students. However, to pursue the CA Course, the student must pass the three stages of the course. Along with this, the students also have to complete three years of articleship training.

Further, if you want to know is detail about the CA Course visit CA Wizard. CA Wizard is an online platform for CA aspirants.

2. Designing

Most of the students have an interest in drawing and sketching. Any student in science, commerce and arts can pursue this course. However, at initial, you struggle with the course, but later on, you enjoy the benefits of it. Moreover, after completing the course, the student can launch their own brand or else can start a business from their home itself.

3. Bachelors of Law

Law is also an opportunity for all three stream students. Lawyers earn lakhs very easily. However, if you want to do law, then you must pursue it at an institute that is recognized by the bar council of India. Further, if you are a well-known lawyer, then you can earn an average salary of 8-10 lakhs a year.

4. Engineering or Doctor

Engineering or the doctorate is the career option that is chosen by science students. In India, if you have completed your engineering from an IIT or a tier-1 college, then you will enjoy a salary of 13-17 lakh a year. Further, doctors’ salary depends on their years of experience. Once you get the fame and have a year of experience, then you can earn up to 40-50 Lakhs a year.

Take Away

After reading this article, you will find it helpful in choosing the best career option for you after the 12th. The students must think about all the aspects before finalizing any career. Further, the students have a lot of time after class 12th results to choose their careers. All the best, and work hard for your future.


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