Bruce Weber Photographer Sheds Light on a Few Valuable Outdoor Fashion Photography Tips


Fashion photography is both challenging and exciting. There are several elements to be taken care of while liking gorgeous pictures of perfectly posed models wearing the latest haute couture. Portraiture techniques, lighting patterns, location, and posing, all must come together for a successful fashion photo shoot. While Bruce Weber Photographer and other industry experts know how to deliver excellent results with the amalgamation of all these elements, amateurs would need a bit of guidance to be in the position to capture stunning fashion photos both indoors and outdoors.

Almost all fashion photographers tend to have a certain fascination for clicking pictures outdoors. Moreover, outdoor photography is comparatively more feasible for amateur and newbie photographers as it saves the cost of setting up an indoor studio.

Here are a few tips that can help photographers to get amazing results from their outdoor fashion photo shoots:

  • Try to mix flash and ambient light: Photographers must get out of their comfort zone and try to do something different by trying to use a mix of flash and ambient light. Doing so can help in adding an extra dimension to the photos. Photographers may use the sun as the key source of light falling on the model and place another light source at their back to give a rim light effect on their face or hair. Conversely, photographers may also use the sunlight as the rim light and the flash as the key light source to control the shadows on the face of the model.
  • Shoot in RAW: Shooting in RAW helps in capturing the maximum dynamic range possible, and helps in fixing an overexposed or underexposed image later. This can come as a huge help in outdoor fashion photography where scheduling a reshoot might become quite a hassle.
  • Work with the surroundings: A photographer must have a good eye to be able to spot elements in the environment that can effectively play into photographs. For instance, they can use a tunnel of trees to frame the model or take advantage of the surface of the water to highlight details in the clothing. In case the model is wearing a very long dress, its length can be emphasized upon by having the model hang gracefully off a ladder or a low branch. However, amidst all of this, the photographer must not forget that the prime focus of the fashion photo shoot would have to be the clothing. They need to try their best to showcase the outfit or accessories worn by the model. Photographers must try to look for elements in the surrounding like contrasting textures and hues that complement the clothing and allows it to pop. For instance, an orange dress will look great against the blue sky.

Bruce Weber Photographer has done commercial fashion photography for brands like Calvin Klein, Abercrombie & Fitch, Versace, and Ralph Lauren. A lot of his fashion and portrait photo shoots were done outdoors. People can check those images out to get some ideas.


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