How to Choose Different Types of Box Manufacturers for Retail Packaging?



Many box manufacturers are looking for a more cost-effective solution to handle operational issues. This entails focusing on every part of the business, from cost-cutting to increasing revenues, as well as keeping a competitive edge in the marketplace. While assuring all of this, one must also be careful not to compromise product quality to save money.  

The increase in the e-commerce business world has also doubled the usage of shipment packaging. More and more people are using e-commerce services to order their goods online. This means that people search for reliable box manufacturing companies, with services that won’t cost them too much. For a box manufacturer, box manufacturers is important to provide their customers with quality services, to retain a customer. Some also provide their services as a package deal, for instance, retail packaging including box printing, etc.

Cost Cutting via Recycled Material

To manage the cost of box production as well as printing, companies need an ideal way of cost-cutting. That can be done with the help of recycled materials. Currently, almost 70% of the cardboard that is used for shipment on a commercial level, is recycled. Many of the boxes are constructed from recycled materials or leftovers from the wood industry, such as sawdust and wood chips. Chipboard, such as cereal boxes, paperboard, paper towels, tissues, and printing or writing paper are all made from recycled cardboard.

Recycling process

  • The fibres are separated and bleached before the cardboard is re-pulped.
  • Hydrogen peroxide, sodium silicate, and sodium hydroxide are used in this chemical reaction.
  • To remove impurities, the fibres are screened and cleaned.
  • To eliminate any remaining ink, the fibres are rinsed.
  • Paper is made by pressing and rolling fibres.
  • The paper rolls are then turned into packaging or used to create new items.

Making a profit by recycling

Using cost-effective packaging materials, such as specific types of cartons or corrugated boxes, is a strategy for both suppliers and customers to reduce expenses and increase profit. Eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging, for instance, enhances the company image while also being better for the environment. Furthermore, 74% of customers will accept a greater price in exchange for eco-friendly packaging. As a result, investing in environmentally friendly packaging will improve your customer base, help you generate more money, and benefit the environment.

box manufacturers

Corrugated Box for packaging

People often confuse the terms corrugated box and cardboard box as same. However, it isn’t the same. The composition of both materials differs significantly. ‘Corrugated fiberboard carton’ is the technical term. Retail packaging, shipping boxes, cartons, and product displays are all common uses for these lightweight but robust boxes. Cardboard boxes, on the other hand, are chipboard boxes. They are commonly used for light-duty packaging such as cereal boxes or board games.

Corrugated box composition

The box consists of three layers, named the inner, outer and middle layers. Linerboard and strong paper make up corrugated fiberboard. The flat, outside surface of the liner board sticks to the material. The wavy, fluted paper used between the liners is called the medium. Both are composed of container boards, a specific type of strong paper. The strength of the board will vary based on the linerboard and medium combinations used. Different variations of the corrugated box inside are the single face, single wall, double wall and triple wall.  

Corrugated box styles and names

There are several customization options available in corrugated boxes such as:

  • Slotted Boxes
  • Folder box
  • Trays
  • Off the lid box
  • Hinged box

Search for the right box manufacturers

While searching for a box manufacturing company, some of the following factors that you need to consider beforehand are:

  • Look for their areas of expertise and how whether or not they align with your requirements. Are you looking for personalized, heavy-duty, or food-safe cardboard boxes? Will you require a single type of specialty box, corrugated boxes for general use, or a variety of options? A company that specializes in what you require will have a greater understanding of it and will be better at delivering your desired results.
  • Meets your budget. A good company has solutions for all clientele base, whether it’s a small scale business or large.
  • How open they are to communicating and responding to questions. Customer service is important. To avoid low-quality boxes or supply shortages later, inquire about their quality control techniques and supply chain. If you care about the environment, you’ll want to know if they use recycled material. You may also wish to seek guidance from the supplier on the type of cardboard and insulation (if any) you’ll want for your particular purpose.
  • The minimum and maximum order quantities that you get from supplier. If your business is small scale and fairly new, you might want to start with a minimum order to avoid any waste of money. However, with time if need be, you can always order more.
  • Company reviews. Inquire of their most loyal customers, but also look for reviews online to discover if there are any frequent problems.
  • If they’re willing to give away product samples. If you require high-quality corrugated boxes, double-check them with samples first, before ordering 1,000 boxes.
  • Whether or not their order delivery time corresponds to your requirements. An excellent company delivery service to ensure that customers don’t have to wait for long periods of time.
  • Look for a company that provides different deals at a budget-friendly price. For instance, many box manufacturers offer several services in one deal, like box manufacturing, box printing, UV lamination etc.
  • You need to make sure your list of require mentions clearly what things you must need in your order while what things are optional. It’s possible that you’ll find a company that meets all of your requirements, but it’s also possible that you won’t. So in order to make the right and better decision, you must have the information.


It can be difficult to rethink your present production line in order to save money. End-of-the-line operations, such as packaging, are a great place to start. Redesigning your business, reducing your use of plastic, outsourcing difficult packaging, and boosting your research activities can all help you save money.


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