Best Manual Process to Convert OLM to PST


Indeed, convert of OLM files to PST is extremely confounded with the manual cycle, or with OLM to PST Converter is process turns out to be simple. It depends on you to decide the correct method for converting OLM completely to PST.

Manual Process to Convert OLM to PST

The manual interaction contains two strategies. To start with, add an IMAP record and move Mac Outlook information into a Gmail account. Second, Add a similar IMAP record to Windows Outlook.

Add IMAP Account to Gmail

Open Gmail account

Explore the Settings from the upper right corner, and go to the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab

Henceforth, go to the IMAP status. On the off chance that it isn’t chosen then, at that point, select it and snap on the Save choice.

Arrange IMAP Account to Outlook for Mac

1 – Open Outlook for Mac and go to the Tool choice and Select the Account tab

2 – Now, click on the messages, and give the Gmail subtleties (email address and right secret word).

3 – Now, Select the IMAP server and go to the SSL and SMPT Server with 465 as the entrance number, and Add the record

Move Outlook for Mac OLM information to design IMAP Account

1 – Open Outlook for Mac and select the information which you need to import

2 – Right-click on the select information

3 – Select the Move choice and duplicate it to the organizer

4 – Now, update the IMAP organizer and tap on send/got

Note: Now you have all the OLM information in the IMAP account.

Import OLM to Outlook for Windows

In this cycle, we will arrange a similar IMAP account in Outlook for Windows.

1 – Go to the control board

2 – Go to the Mail choice where select Email Account and New

3 – Click on the Manually design server setting and Next

4 – Enter the IMAP server certifications with Incoming and Outgoing server subtleties.

5 – Now, click on the high-level tab where enter the 993 as a port number and the IMAP server and select the SSL association.

6 – Enter 465 to the SMPT server and furthermore select the SSL association >> click on OK.

7 – Click on the Next to finish the cycle.

Note: After this multitude of cycles, you have the Outlook for Mac OLM records to Outlook for Windows.

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