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Jigsaw puzzles have always been a great way to keep your little ones entertained and engaged for hours. The little ones never get bored from these jigsaw puzzle pieces. It is always fun for them to find the missing piece of the puzzle.There is no specific age to introduce these puzzles to the little ones. These jigsaw puzzles could be introduced even at an early age. Introducing puzzles at an early age will benefit the kid only. As puzzles come up with plenty of benefits to the little ones.  

Some of the benefits of playing with jigsaw puzzles are listed here:

  • Motor skills development:

Playing with jigsaw puzzles helps the little ones to develop fine motor skills. While picking up the puzzle pieces, placing those puzzles help the kids in holding things firmly. Along with these, hand-eye coordination also gets developed. These fine motor skills later help the little ones in handwriting.

  • Concentration:

We often see the little ones find it very difficult to concentrate on one task for a long duration. They find it difficult to focus and they tend to leave things and start to do something else. But jigsaw puzzles are a great way to help your little ones to concentrate. We get to see that the kids do not leave the puzzle pieces until they have finished. The urge to complete that particular puzzle helps them to concentrate and focus better.

  • Problem Solving Skills:

Playing with jigsaw puzzles helps kids in problem solving skills. With the trial and error method involved in solving puzzles, help kids to solve the problems. This later on life proves to be an important aspect of life.

  • Pattern Recognition:

Little ones get to come across various patterns and shapes while solving the jigsaw puzzles. This helps them in recognising different patterns and shapes. Parents could even ask their children to tell different shapes. This helps them in recognising and memorising in a better manner.

  • Memory

While playing with jigsaw puzzles young children get to memorise things. While putting the piece of the jigsaw puzzle they get to know which puzzle piece is needed, what particular shape and which piece will fit accordingly. All this helps the little ones to memorise better. Thus, playing with jigsaw puzzles helps to enhance your little one’s memory.

  • Self Esteem

The happiness and that satisfaction that is there on little one’s face when they complete the jigsaw puzzle is something that can not be ignored. There is a sense of accomplishment on their faces. This brings in self esteem in them that they too can do this and do greater in life ahead.

There are a wide collection of jigsaw puzzles that are available for the kids. From 2 piece puzzle to 3 piece puzzle and to 100 piece puzzle. All these jigsaw puzzles are ideal for different age groups. The kids find these jigsaw puzzles very interesting and engaging. They get to spend hours of fun completing these jigsaw puzzles. There are theme based jigsaw puzzles too which kids find very attractive. As those theme based jigsaw puzzles tend to catch more of their attention. Some of the jigsaw puzzles are coming along with the books these days. The books are based on the theme of the jigsaw puzzle. The children get to know more about the jigsaw puzzle in a better way through the books. This makes little ones to learn through play. One could buy these puzzles online too.

There are various publishers who have jigsaw puzzles for the little ones. Similarly, Pegasus is one of them. Pegasus is one of the famous children’s book publishers that caters to books, games and puzzles for the little ones. They have a vast collection of workbooks, colouring books, early learning books, flashcards, puzzles, games, picture and storybooks, and activity books for kids aged 0-12 years old. One could buy their products online as well as offline. Their products are available at the bookstores and on their website too.

Pegasus’s website is user friendly. One could find their favourite books easily. All the books, games and puzzles are under appropriate categories. One could apply filters as per the age, price, language or the type of book they are looking at.   

Some of the widely purchased puzzles are as follows:

  • First Puzzles

This series of puzzles include all the pieces related to the theme in the form of two-piece self-correcting puzzles. The puzzles in the series are Things that Move, Jobs People Do, Ocean World and Jungle Animals. Each box of the puzzle includes 6 puzzle sets and 20 flashcards. These puzzles are perfect for the little ones.

  • Super Puzzles

There are 8 puzzles in this series: Things at Home, Space, Ocean World, Jobs People Do, Animals, Things That Move, Baby Animals and Fruits. The pieces are designed in such a way that only the correct pieces will fit each other properly. The colourful and cute designs are sure to attract the attention of little ones.

  • Book+ 100 Piece Puzzle

These puzzles are a great opportunity to spend some fun time with kids as they learn and understand new words. A game of Puzzle can help parents to bond with their child not just emotionally but also intellectually. Regular games of puzzle can facilitate a complete growth of the child. Book+ 100 piece puzzle is a series of 12 puzzles that are ideal for kids aged 6+ years. Similarly, there is Book+ 30 piece puzzle too which is ideal for kids aged 4+ years. The added benefit of this puzzle is that little ones get to learn more about the puzzle through a book. The puzzles are based on different themes.

  • Wonders of the World

If your child is always curious to know about everything from the stars to the colour of the grass, it’s time to introduce them to the Wonders of the World. These puzzles bring hours of fun either individually or with a group of friends or family. These 500-piece puzzles are ideal for anybody from the age group of 10 years to 99 years. This puzzle gives kids an engaging option for screen-free fun.

Thus, one could find the best jigsaw puzzles online from Pegasus as per their needs and wants.


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