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You were one of the first people on Earth to post photo and videos on Instagram. You’re also the last to learn that Instagram has changed its rules: all humans/non-human objects must be in focus. No more blurry selfies or friends’ drunk faces. But fear not! I’ve researched and found a few apps that will allow you to edit your Instas while keeping your audience entertained and focused on your content – something that matters most, right?

Two ways photo and video editing tools

  • Gramho

Gramho is an Instagram photo and video editor app if you edit your photo for Instagram.

It has all the tools that you need to do that editing. You can crop your photo, add filters, and like and comment on your image with one click!

It has many features to help you with your Instagram account. These features include: – Cropping – Filters – Likes – Comments.

What is Gramho?

You can use Gramho to make your best photos into the most beautiful pictures. You can also use Gramho to make your video clip into the most adorable video.

Gramho is not only a photo editor but also a video editor. The features of Gramho are as follows:

1. add stickers, text, and effects to your picture or video clip.

2. Adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, and temperature of the picture or video clip.

3. Control the focal length of a camera lens by adjusting the angle of view or zooming in or out on a photo or video clip.

Why is it so popular?

Gramho offers a wide range of filters, including artistic effects, stickers, and collages. You can also add text to pictures and videos and crop them.

The app supports Instagram’s new video-only feed, which has been a big hit with users.

You can create collages using images or videos from your phone’s camera roll or Instagram account. You can also use the app’s editing tools to crop or rotate individualpictures or videos in your picture or video library.

  • Picuki

 Picuki is an online tool for editing Instagram posts and view others’ Instagram profiles. You can post edit very quickly.

Picuki is a content marketing platform that helps you find, curate, and share influencer content across the largest social media platforms.

Picuki makes it easy to find relevant influencer content from top publishers, brands, and celebrities through its search bar or by adding keywords or hashtags to your own posts.

How to use Picuki?

we can post edit very quickly. It can change the text, add a picture, add an emoji, etc. You can also change the caption of your post.

There are many features in Picuki, such as:

Add/remove hashtags on any post.

Change font size and color of text on any post

Change picture quality (filters) on any post

Benefits of Picuki

Picuki’s goal is to make it easier for you to share your pictures with the world. We’re here to help you share your photos with the world!

It is a simple and intuitive photo editing app that helps you improve your pictures in seconds by removing blemishes, enhancing lighting, and sharpening your image.

Picuki lets you easily edit your Instagram photos using an easy-to-use interface designed for fast results. Our tools are curated by thousands of other users who have shared their edits with us, so they’re guaranteed high quality.


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