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Toddlers love to play and roam around. It is not really easy for parents to make their toddlers sit and read. books for toddlers is good to look for books which are very attractive and colourful. Kids love to see books that have beautiful illustrations. For toddlers, parents could look at picture books, story books, colouring books or activity books as per their age and level of understanding. Pegasus is one of the famous children book publishers. Their products are good for kids aged 0-12 years.

Some of the best books for toddlers from Pegasus are listed here:

  1. My first learning bag

There are four bags in this series. Each bag preparing toddlers for school. These are a set of 10 books. Theme based bags: preschool bag, colouring bag, activity bag and reading bag. The books are really exciting and come in the shape of a bag. These bags are ideal for kids aged 2+ years. These are activity books for kids. There are plenty of different activities for kids to perform. The parents could help them in doing those activities or they could begin on their own.

  1. First questions & answers

We often see kids are very curious and they have a never ending list of questions to ask. Parents tend to get irritated when toddlers keep on asking questions to them. To ease this problem, Pegasus has bought up these first questions and answers books for toddlers. These books are based on four different themes. Nature, Human body, Things at home and Animals & Birds. Based on these themes, the questions are framed accordingly and answers are given too. The kids get to enhance their knowledge with these books.

  1. My first 1000 words

Every parent wants their children to know a good number of words. This my first 1000 words is a picture book where words are associated with each image. This is a comprehensive picture dictionary that contains 48 different topics. The topics range from alphabest, numbers, clothes, nature, festivals and more. Each topic lists words that a growing child becomes aware of early on. The book is quite handy and kids could enjoy looking at this book.

  1. Wipe & clean workbooks

Wipe and clean workbooks allow kids to write again and again. The little ones could write and clean it up because of this wipe and clean feature. The kids enjoy doing activities in these workbooks. These books are ideal for kids aged 2 years and above. The books come with a pen. There are different titles in the series naming animals and birds, first words, lower alphabet, numbers 1-10, my town, simple addition, simple phonics, sight words, simple maths, words and spellings, simple subtraction, telling time, things that move, times table, tracing and pen control and uppercase alphabet.     

  1. First animal stories

First Animal Stories is a series of storybooks for the little ones. The books are based on different animals: Dinosaur, Penguin, Rabbit and Tiger. These are die cut books. The language used in these books are easy to read and understand. Kids find these books very interesting. The pages are easy to flip for kids. These are board books and come in a compact size. Parents could carry these books easily with them.

  1. First moral stories

These are valuable books for toddlers. The kids get to learn some of the necessary moral values through these books. The books in this series are Mya is helpful to Lea, Lea shows honesty, Lea is kind to Mya and Lea and Mya show respect. First moral stories are die cut board books. The books are ideal for kids aged 2 years and above.

  1. Bedtime stories

What makes bedtime complete is a good book to be read. These bedtime stories serve this purpose. There are some of the very famous storybooks: Forty fortunes, The gift of the maggie, The little match girl, Masha & the bear, Sleeping beauty, The fir tree, The three billy goats, The wooden shoes and more. These books are ideal for kids aged 3+ years.

  1. Dot to dot

Dot to dot is a series of activity books for little ones. In these books, kids have to join the dots to complete the given images. After joining the dots, kids can fill the images with their favourite colours. These books help toddlers in developing their skills. When kids concentrate and join the dots from one number to the next. This helps them in developing visual skills and fine motor skills too. Not only this but kids get to learn counting well. The books in this series are level based books and there are four books for kids aged 3 years and above.                       

  1. Sticker fun

Kids love to play with stickers. They will get more entertained when they get sticker books.  These are fun based activity stickers books for young learners. Identifying and pasting stickers improves a kid’s  hand-eye coordination and enhances their motor skills. The books have introduced four topics to kids: numbers, abc, shapes and opposites and things that move. The books are good to be introduced to 3 years old children.

  1. Super jumbo colouring books

We have often seen little ones facing issues while colouring. As they don’t get plenty of space to colour. With these super jumbo colouring books this issue gets resolved as these are big sized books. These colouring books provide ample amount of space to colour. The books come with big sized illustrations to colour. The kids enjoy colouring these big books. There are four books on different themes: Magical Creatures, Things That Move, World Around Us and Animals and Birds.

These are some of the best books that parents could look for their toddlers. There are other options too. Parents can have a look at those books. The books are designed for kids keeping in mind their age group. Pegasus books are available in stores and on their website.


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