Benefits and Drawbacks of Boarding Schools


The best boarding school in India is a facility where students are housed and fed while attending classes there. Residential schools are another name for this type of institution, and they are typically found on the outskirts of cities or towns. Everything has advantages and drawbacks of its own. Boarding schools, like anything else in this world, have some benefits and drawbacks.

Residential Schools

In contrast to a day school, boarding schools are those institutions that offer instruction to students who reside on the premises. By “boarding,” we mean that these institutions provide “room and board,” that is, housing and meals.

 These institutions have been around for many centuries and are now spread over numerous nations, so each one has a very different purpose and set of morals.

The benefits of board schools

These institutions offer distinctive educational approaches and give students a wide range of chances.

Many boarding schools continue to respect and practice the traditional methods of education and wellbeing. These schools include Gurukuls and others.

International Boarding School Intensive Program

Priority is given to these programs boarding schools.

Boys and girls attending boarding schools might develop self-discipline thanks to the strict routine and separation from their parents.

The environment that the boarding school provides for the kids’ social and personal development iscannote obtained through any other methods. The boarding school’s teachers and older students encourage younger pupils in a particularly special way.

Boarding school culture

All of the pupils are encouraged to collaborate well by the culture. The additional time provided by boarders enables a more thorough integration of the curriculum and programs.

When it comes to developing or implementing cutting-edge educational practices and advancements, many prestigious boarding schools are frequently in the lead.

Drawbacks with boarding schools

¬†Although boarding schools tend to be more expensive than public schools and are not exempt from issues, they are also well-positioned to address bullying through creative initiatives that promote student integration. For many students, moving away from home can be extremely challenging, but it also encourages independence and personal development. “Boarding school syndrome” can develop in students who board too young.

Boarding schools have a problem

 Parents should be cautious about enrolling children in school when they are too young or not yet developed enough because this issue has previously been well-documented.

Carefully consider the kinds of schools you want to enroll your kids in. While some kids could find it extremely upsetting, others might not.

Homesickness- Within a few weeks of enrolling at boarding school, the majority of children experience homesickness, and occasionally even parents find it difficult to bear the separation from their children.

Children often become more realistic than emotional when they are separated from their families, depending on the school atmosphere.

Although these students are more likely to succeed in their future careers, their social lives may suffer as a result of this behavior.

Conclusion :

The above are some disadvantages and advantages. The best schools in Gurgaon have developed the ideal method for maximizing your child’s educational opportunities. For the price of one, they offer both academics and extracurricular activities.


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