Are You Knee-Deep In HR Work? Systems Like Vault Verify Can Help


So you’re an HR officer?

You probably have the easiest job in the world! Just filing documents all day, chit-chatting with job applicants, and copy-pasting job vacancies on online job boards must be a breeze.

Being in the HR industry, how many times have you come across people who look at your job with rose-colored lenses? Like, the audacity to even think of Human Resources Management as a laid-back career should be labeled a crime. HR people are some of the most formidable forces on earth, especially because they manage to smile their way through every hellish day.

Between sourcing, interviewing, profiling, onboarding, training, performance reviews, employee grievances, benefits, payroll, termination, offboarding, team buildings, and more, the list of things HR professionals are responsible for is insane. This career is not for the faint of heart which is exactly why I have the highest regard for people who work in this field.

Fortunately, living in the digital age, HR has come far in terms of system innovation and automation. Nowadays, there are software and applications that can help HR professionals make their work more manageable. Many of the documentation work and payroll computations can now be conveniently done on a computer. It’s still a far-cry from what people refer to as “laid-back” but the HR industry has certainly achieved great lengths in terms of automating a lot of their processes as you can see here:

Here are some practical functions, automation systems like VaultVerify help HRs with:

  • Employment Verification
  • Income Verification
  • I-9 Management
  • Unemployment Claims

Why Automate?

While you can definitely do HR tasks the old-fashioned way, it is undoubtedly faster, more convenient, and more efficient to implore the aid of new technology to perform many tedious and detail-oriented human resource functions. Apart from keeping your sanity at bay, here are more advantages of automating:

Greatly Reduces Marginal Errors

Manual computations and record-keeping can often lead to unintentional errors. Even the smartest, keenest, and most detail-oriented person is not immune to making mistakes, especially when they are also working long hours and extended shifts just to make deadlines. And in the world of human resource management, even the most minor of slip ups can easily lead to bigger problems.

Errors usually happen because of internal and external factors, or sometimes even both. Internal factors can be carelessness, lack of attention to detail, poor eyesight (or poor health in general), and other related factors that are caused by the person doing the job. External factors, on the other hand, could be receiving false or inaccurate information, document mix-ups, or loss of data.

Automating your HR systems, especially where it involves money and employee data, can help reduce the occurrence of such errors and improve the delivery of the task.

Enhances Data Security

Next is data security. Being in HR, you are probably no stranger to the general rule of thumb which is to keep employee information under wraps. Confidentiality is a big thing in the HR world. As a professional human resource officer, you are responsible for massive amounts of employee data, all of which has sensitive information that cannot be disclose to people who are outside the department. And in all honesty, paper documents filed in flimsy folders hardly offer any data security.

Automating also helps you safeguard employee information from prying eyes who do not have any business looking at them (see more). Automation systems are equipped with highly efficient data security measures to ensure that sensitive information remains confidential whenever no person of authority needs to see them.

24/7 Troubleshooting & System Support

Another advantage of automation systems is that the companies (at least the really good ones) that offer them also provide 24/7 customer support. This means that if you do encounter issues with the system, or maybe you just have a question or two that you need clarified, they have a team of troubleshooting experts to help you out. This type of support is definitely non-existent when you do things the old-fashioned way.

Extra Revenue Source

Last but certainly not least, some automation software providers like also offer incentives for using their platform, such as revenue sharing or referral bonuses whenever you successfully bring another interested client to them.

So apart from improving your own systems astronomically and making things easier for the HR department, you also open a new revenue stream for the company. HR is one of those departments that is usually classified as a cost to the company. So, by having a way to bring in new revenue, it can become an asset to some extent as well.

Automation is the future. By cutting back the hours of work you pour into manually doing HR tasks in the company, you can repurpose that time and energy to work on actual needle movers that will propel the company forward.


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