Approaching the truth about sports through education


It can lead to positive action, but 스포츠중계 also has negative and negative aspects, such as exclusion, nationalism, aggression, environmental degradation.

 The public must guarantee access to sports. As part of quality of life and culture.

If we look at children,

 they are introduced to the game with basic rules, and when they become experts, they will incorporate and develop new rules. Their behavior complicates the rules of their game, but they also modify the knowledge and representation of these rules, gradually developing a democratic concept of law. The fact that the rules were understood was only the consent of the majority of the participants and this gave them legitimacy. And these same similarities make 스포츠중계 possible to shape them, to legitimize these changes and to find their origins in the interactions of the two children.

From the point of view of social development and moral development of children.

Other approaches to moral development have been added to the work of Piaget (1932), such as Kohlberg (1989), who drew inspiration from Piaget himself, and others such as Tried (1983), who was also interested in realizing social values. However, some of these activities are based on simple models especially the learning process itself, which exhibits the same characteristics as hypothetical passive learners who experience the imposition of norms from the outside. However, according to Linamar’s (1997) approach, the greatest value of play depends on adult autonomy, the possibility for children to apply rules, to negotiate their different interests and opinions without adult authority, which can resolve conflicts. And in doing so, provide opportunities for independent coordination to emerge.

To investigate this part of the study

 Let’s not just stay in the classroom, but look at what’s going on the playground or on the street, often behind adults, like situations where they play and play sports. Perhaps closer to the truth about sports, one of the educational values ​​we see in the context in which it is expressed in modern society is the strong relationship established between competition and cooperation, strong individualism and collectivism, and we hear what it means to be ready. For behaviors and attitudes required in social relationships outside of recreational areas. You may need to define the meaning of 스포츠중계 competition (where success is the only key word), sport as leisure and personal pleasure (more consistent with the concept of play) or sport as fitness or health care. Around 11-12 years old, writing rules emerged. Develop clear rules and known rules. There is already an interest in the law.


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