Alice Cullen’s Backstory


Alice Cullen’s Backstory looks at the life of Alice Cullen, a vampire in the Twilight series.


Alice Cullen was born on July 15, 1987, in Forks, Washington. She is the daughter of Phil and Alice Cullen. Alice is a half-blood vampire and has three siblings: Edward Cullen, Bella Swan, and Jacob Black.

Alice’s mother died when Alice was young, and her father raised her and her siblings alone. Edward became like a father to Alice, teaching her about vampires and helping her control her powers. When Alice was seventeen years old, she attended the University of Arizona with the intention of becoming a doctor. However, she soon discovered that she had vampire tendencies. Edward helped her deal with this by explaining that she was actually a half-blood vampire.

Since becoming a vampire, Alice has been running from the Volturi, who want to kill her for being a half-breed. She has also been trying to find a way to save her sister Bella from being turned into a vampire like herself.

Alice Cullen’s Family Life

Alice Cullen’s family is one of the most interesting and complex ones in Twilight. Her parents, James and Alice Cullen, are both powerful vampires. However, they never drank human blood, preferring to drink animal blood. This made them very different from other vampires, and it also helped to make their family very unique.

Alice’s older sister Rosalie was always a bit jealous of her since she had two powerful parents while she only had one. However, over time Rosalie came to appreciate the uniqueness of their family and how much they love each other.

Alice also has a younger brother, Emmett, who is just as different as her parents are. Emmett is a werewolf, which makes him something of an outcast among humans and vampires alike. However, he loves his family and is always there for them when needed.

The Volturi

Alice Cullen has always been one of the most mysterious characters in the Twilight series. It’s rumored that she was turned into a vampire against her will by the Volturi, and her backstory is one of the many things fans are still trying to figure out. Here’s what we know about Alice’s past.

According to fan theories, Alice was originally from England. She met Edward Cullen at a party, and they hit it off immediately. Edward was interested in Alice, but she was very hesitant to date someone who was a vampire. However, Edward told her that he was only half-vampire and that he could control his thirst for human blood. Alice eventually agreed to go on a date with Edward, and they fell madly in love.

The Volturi were not happy about this relationship, and they decided to take action against Edward and Alice. They turned Alice into a vampire against her will, and she had to swear an oath to them never to reveal any information about their kind to humans. According to some reports, Alice may have even been forced into becoming a vampire herself.

Alice spent most of her time as a member of the Volturi guard until she left for

Born to an Older Human Female and a Vampire Elder

Alice Cullen is the protagonist of the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer. The Alice is a very unique and interesting character who has a lot of backstories that are worth exploring.

Alice was born to an older human female and a vampire elder. Her mother was a powerful witch and her father was one of the most powerful vampires in existence. Alice’s parents were killed when she was very young, leaving her to be raised by her grandmother. Alice’s grandmother was a remarkable woman and she instilled in Alice many of the values that would shape her future. Among these values were courage, strength, and independence.

Alice grew up in Forks, Washington and she soon developed a close friendship with Jasper Whitlock, a boy who also lived in Forks. Jasper was also one of the most powerful vampires in existence and he quickly became Alice’s protector.
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Together, they explored the forest around Forks and they learned to defend themselves against both humans and vampires. They also became skilled hunters, tracking down prey and killing them with ease.

One day, while out hunting together, Alice and Jasper came across a group of humans led by Jacob Black. Jacob had recently been turned into a vampire by Edward

Alice’s Life in the first century BC

Alice Cullen’s life in the first century BC is a mystery. Her place and date of birth are unknown, as are her parents’ names and any other details about her early life. Alice may have been born into a wealthy family, as she is described as beautiful and well-dressed.

Alice may have been a part of the Roman military or government, as she is mentioned several times in historical documents. In 61 BC, she is mentioned when Julius Caesar was campaigning in Britain. Caesar mentions that Alice had sent him food and shelter when he was stranded on a small island.

In 50 BC, Alice again played an important role when the Roman army was besieged by the Iceni tribe. The Iceni were led by Cornelia, the daughter of Emperor Claudius. The Roman army was almost defeated until Alice arrived with supplies and helped to break the siege.

After Caesar’s death in 44 BC, Alice disappears from history. It is possible that she retired from politics or sold her estates and left Rome for good. Whatever happened to Alice Cullen during the first century BC remains a mystery.

What happened to her a few years after that?

Alice Cullen’s story ended with her return to Forks. She and Jasper journeyed to Argentina and had a baby girl, Renesmee Cullen. A few years later, they moved back to Forks and Alice started a new life as a single mother. Unfortunately, being away from the Volturi for so long caused tensions between Alice and her father, Edward. Edward suspected that Alice was still associating with the Volturi, so he forced her to move back home. Eventually, Edward came to terms with his daughter’s status as a vampire and they were able to rebuild their relationship.


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