Al Nowras Sea Freight in Oman


When it comes to sea freight in Oman, Al Nowras is one of the leading logistic companies in the region. They specialize in custom clearance and shipping goods between GCC countries. With over 13 years of experience, they have built long-term relationships with leading companies in the region. They also offer superior customer service, with representatives on call around the clock to help you with any questions you might have.

Customs clearance

Al Nowras Sea Freight in the Sultanate of Oman is a full-service transportation company that offers door-to-door services throughout the Sultanate. With over 200 trucks and highly trained staff, the company can handle virtually any shipment. Their service is backed by 24 hour customer support and a network of long-standing relationships throughout the GCC.

Al Nowras has offices in all major entry points of the Sultanate, making them a preferred supplier for Customs clearance. Its staff are dedicated to exceeding customer expectations and providing round-the-clock customer support and competitive quotes. Al Nowras has been operating in the Sultanate for 15 years, and is committed to offering the best service possible.

The Al Nowras Sea Freight in Omani customs clearance team is comprised of professionals with years of experience. Whether you’re shipping a large cargo or a small package, they’ll make sure it gets through customs in the quickest and most reliable way.

Road transportation

When you need sea freight transportation in Oman, look no further than the services of AL Nowras Road Transportation. This shipping company was founded over 15 years ago, and its professional drivers have a wealth of experience. They are committed to providing complete transparency throughout the shipping process, as well as competitive quotes and dedicated account managers. Moreover, their team of customer service representatives are always ready to answer any questions you have.

Al Nowras has an extensive fleet of over 200 trucks and a highly-trained staff that will help you deliver your cargo to its final destination. Moreover, the company has its own offices in Wadi Al Jizzi and Khatmat Malha, which are well-equipped for the handling of even the most complex loads.

Al Nowras has long-standing relationships with leading companies across the Sultanate and offers exceptional customer service. Their team members work around the clock to answer questions and ensure that your shipment is delivered on time. They also have a 24-hour hotline for emergencies.


Al Nowras Sea Freight has an established reputation in the maritime industry, and its team of professionals work around the clock to provide exceptional customer service. The company specializes in providing a range of shipping services, including sea freight, road transport and customs clearance. Regardless of the size of your shipment, Al Nowras can handle it with ease.

Al Nowras Sea Freight’ reputation for reliability is backed by the company’s more than fifteen-year history in the shipping industry. Their highly-experienced staff is committed to providing exceptional service, and they offer full transparency throughout the process. Additionally, they provide 24-hour customer support to answer any questions and provide a wealth of information.

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Al Nowras is a large organization with a proven track record. Moreover, it has strong relationships with leading companies in the Sultanate. Dedicated account managers and 24 hour customer support are just a few of the benefits of working with AL Nowras.

Customer service

With offices across the GCC, Al Nowras offers international road transport and sea freight services that are competitively priced and provide the best customer service. The company’s dedicated account managers provide 24 hour support. Their employees are experienced and highly trained, and they are committed to ensuring that their customers’ needs are met as quickly as possible.

The company’s experienced team of professionals specializes in shipping goods from Oman to all points in the world. They have representatives on call around the clock to help customers, answer any questions and make sure their goods are delivered on time. They offer a wide range of shipping services, including door-to-door transportation and customs clearance.

The logistics company offers a variety of transportation options, from full container loads to palletized shipments. They have an extensive fleet of trucks and are dedicated to customer service. Each representative works to provide excellent service and is available to assist clients at any stage of the shipping process. Customer service is also prioritized, and each customer is assigned a dedicated account manager who provides advice and assistance throughout the process.

Al Nowras is rated as best logistics company in Dubai


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