AdWords management is not about keyword research


Most AdWords management companies want you to believe that AdWords management is all about keyword research. Take it from an AdWords management expert; this is an absolute lie! Keyword research is only a small part of the AdWords puzzle. Focusing on Adword Management Perth and building on keywords alone can easily be fatal to your AdWords campaigns. In fact, if you or your AdWords management company only focuses on keyword research, Adword Management Perth is absolutely useless. You can have the biggest, targeted keyword in the world and fail miserably in Google AdWords.

This is a good reason to stay away from AdWords management companies that go on and on about their “keyword research.” Keyword research can be VERY expensive if not done correctly. I see this as a crutch for a lot of AdWords management companies. After all, creating a large keyword list, sitting back and watching a client spend countless dollars to try out a new list and just seeing which search terms are profitable or not.

My point is that keyword research is something that is very cost effective and doesn’t require a ton of wasteful spending. This is also something that should be done very slowly to avoid wasting money on large amounts of keywords that do not convert into sales or clicks. (This will also damage your campaign history).

Be careful

If you find a company that talks about keyword research without explaining the following, be wary. If they don’t mention these following things to you, then 1) they don’t have what it takes to save your wallet from wasteful spending, 2) they’re not working hard for you… at all.

AdWords management is not all about keyword research

In fact keyword research done without these following techniques is flat, dangerous, stupid and lazy!

Retention of Advertising Group-

Ad group relevance is extremely important in Adword Management Perth  simply because Google hates campaigns that have little or no ad group relevance. No matter how many hours it takes to set up a campaign like this, even if it’s a brand new keyword list, your campaign should be set up with the right relevance. Each keyword should be placed in an ad group all by itself or placed in an ad group containing only a few closely related keywords. Setting up such a campaign can take hours, but it’s an important step in reducing outrageous click costs.


I can’t tell you how often a lack of ad relevance kills AdWords campaigns. Google is of course obsessed with relevance, and expects to see that your ads are perfectly relevant to the keywords being searched for. Each of your keyword ads are written specifically for the individual keyword the keyword is searched in. Appear at least twice in the ad. Why doesn’t the AdWords management company tell you about it? This is an important part of keyword research! First of all you will get sorry results and high click costs if your ad does not have the right relevance! Second, how can you get accurate results from “keyword research” if you pollute your research with ads that don’t convert and cost a fortune?

The importance of landing pages?

Don’t be stupid. Landing page relevance has a lot to do with keyword research. Think about it… what exactly is the whole point of it? The purpose of keyword research is to find out what keywords are:

A-profitable (are people searching under this keyword looking to buy my product?)

B-Cost Effective- (provide excellent return on your click cost investment)

C-TERRIFYING – (You need to find what search terms are not taking the traffic and sales you are targeting. You know the one that costs you so much money but brings you no money. This word to you need to find and REMOVE).

Landing page relevance is where with a combination of special programming and search engine optimization, you make your landing page perfectly relevant to your keyword list. This keeps customers on your site longer and Google charges you a much lower cost per click. Whatever you do, make sure you don’t fall for all that “keyword research talk” that most AdWords management companies give because it’s “nothing” without the strategies I mentioned above.


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