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We design and manufacture a full line of Desiccator Cabinet to meet your needs. Also, we can provide customized desiccators that are custom-made to your specifications. Our Desiccator cabinets are designed to deliver sealed compartments to cover parts in a dry or nitrogen storage environment. These desiccators give all the users a sealed storage area that can be removed, creating a controlled environment for longer-term storage of parts or materials that would destroy if left in the ambient atmosphere. Our desiccator cabinets are built with a heavy stainless steel outer shell, with stainless steel partitions between each compartment. The steel shell is strong, and will not crack or break separately at the seams like acrylic cabinets frequently do. Stainless construction makes these Desiccator Cabinet suitable for heavy storage loads.

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Compartments are separately sealed to form a hassled storage space. Each compartment has a hinged, and clear acrylic door with a heavy stainless-steel frame & a cam-action, over-centre latch. Doors feature unceasing hinges & PVC closed-cell gaskets. Voluntary fixed or adjustable shelves can be installed in every sealed compartment. The back panels on our Desiccator Cabinet are also stainless steel, and they are spot welded and sealed to the back of the cabinet. The back panels can be modified to attach additional equipment or replaced with a set of doors if desired. Optional acrylic back panels are also accessible. We bid standard desiccators in a wide range of sizes & configurations, & with a diversity of purge control options, making it very easy to find the correct model for your application. See discrete product listings for additional information & specifications.

The acrylic desiccators utilize 1/4″ of acrylic, which is an inherently inert & clean material. All cabinets include limited cabinet door design for minimum door weight with the greatest seal integrity & durability. All cabinets include unique Nitro-Flow with serrated compartment walls & floors for uniform humidity control in all the compartments. The Control Monitor is a solid-state sensor system for precisely controlling pre-set relative humidity. Static acrylic desiccators provide whole electrostatic discharge protection for sensitive cleanroom & assembly component storage. These dissipative acrylic desiccators bid stainless steel shelves, and plates which are common to the desiccator and connected to hard ground. Stainless steel plates are suggested on the floor of each compartment to improve grounding and defend the static dissipative acrylic exterior from abrasion.

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Stainless Steel Desiccator Cabinet provides clean, and high-density storage for both clean room and assembly applications & is designed for supreme weight capacity & long-term durability. These cabinets are also available in Table Tops, Stacked Modules & Multi-Chamber Models.

Standard Features of our Desiccator Cabinet:

  • It has Clear or Static Dissipative Acrylic Material
  • It has a Heavy-Duty Construction
  • It has an Ultra Nitro-Flow with Notched Compartment Walls & Floors
  • Electropolished Steel Continuous Door Hinge for Supreme Support
  • Spring Loaded Latches for Air-Tight Door Seal
  • Removable Back Wall and recessed Closed Cell Door Gaskets
  • Heavy-Duty Stands and Mechanical Warranty
  • Nonstop In-Line Nitrogen Required
  • It is a reinforced aluminium frame with panels
  • It has a door with a magnetic catch & circular rubber seal
  • It has non-slip rubber feet and it has easy to read electronic hygrometer
  • It has variable height shelves made of glass and telescopic shelves
  • It has a desiccant tray and silica gel included

Our Desiccator Cabinet is designed for storing humidity-sensitive goods, using silica gel. The tight-fitting door defends the contents from atmospheric pollution. The controlled environment in the Desiccator Cabinet is ideal for storing reference materials, metallographic specimens, and DNA samples.

Our Desiccator Cabinets offer convenient dust & moisture-free storage. A small footprint makes this ideal for the bench top or freezer. Dual steel latches & neoprene gasket guarantee a positive seal. A height hinge keeps the door correct after repeated use. The cabinet includes adaptable vented shelves & desiccant tray.

Product Details of the Desiccator Cabinet

The desiccator cabinet can be used at room temperature

  • It is suitable for the storage of moisture-sensitive materials
  • It includes removable, tray shelves with perforated bottoms that slide out on pre-set rails
  • The doors are open from right to left and are protected with a stainless-steel latch

Want the best Desiccator Cabinet

    If you want the best Desiccator Cabinet, you can contact us to choose from multiple sizes.


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