A prank that you can do on your brother at home


You know whenever you or anyone wants to do a prank, then you know which is the best place to do it. The best place for doing any prank with anyone in your home. Because if any type of accident happens in your home then, you do not have to pay any money to anyone. Because whatever loss happened during your prank, that is because of you. If you are thinking of making a prank on your brother, then the best place for it is your home. Because he is someone who is going to give you a very strong reaction. So for handling that reaction your home is best for it. So you know, which is the place where you have to make the prank. But now what you want to do is, you have to think about that prank, which you want to do for your brother. Because that is a thing, which is more important for your plan, than the place which you choose. So think about that prank, and make it about your brother. 

Tape on remote sensor 

Everyone knows that the biggest fight that happens in childhood, between brother and sister is only because of the television remote. So what you can do, you can plan your prank by talking with the help of a remote. You can have that invisible tape from that website also, from where you get flower delivery. So what you can do, you can place the tape on the remote sensor. So when your brother uses the remote for seeing the program on the television, then that remote doesn’t work. Your brother may change the battery of the remote, but that doesn’t help him. Your brother may get so stressed from this thing, that he may change the television remote or leave to watch the television. So when your brother does this thing, then you can tell him that you are just planning a prank on him. 

No toilet paper

A toilet is also a place, which is a very important place for humans, and your brother also. The place is not only, but the toilet paper is also. So what you can do is hide all the toilet paper. When your brother goes to the toilet and asks you about the toilet, then you can say that there is no toilet paper available. So this toilet paper prank, when you do it with your brother then he may get very much stressed with it. Because this is a very important thing for the toilet, and it uses it very much in the toilet. 

Change in playlist 

If your brother is a person, who has his set playlist of music, then what you can do is change the playlist. You can give an orchid flower bouquet to your brother also, after this change in playlist prank.  If you want to change the playlist, then what you can do, whether you can keep some songs out of that list or whether you can add some song in that number, which has some other song in that place. So when your brother starts playing his playlist, then your brother doesn’t get that song on that place on which he places it. So this change in the playlist is a prank, which you can do on your brother. 

Flour jar 

If you want to see your brother in full white color, then what you can do, you can play a prank on him. So for this thing, what you can do is keep a flour jar that is above height, and you can keep the cover of that flour jar open. When you do all these things, after that you can ask your brother to give you that flour jar from that place. So when your brother goes to keep that thing for you, that thing which is flour all is going to be in your brother’s body. you are going to see your brother in full white color. So do this flour jar prank on your brother, at your home. 

The prank which you want to do on your brother, whether at home that prank can be anyone. Whether it is the tape on the remote sensor or flour jar and many other plans, you have for your brother, so what you can do for your brother, that thing is on your hand. You know that when you are doing any prank on your brother, or any other person outside your home. Then you can take the help of any person, which helps you with your prank. But in your home, you are the only one who is alone to make pranks. So do that prank in your home on your brother.


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