A guide to simple lawnmower repair


While lawn mowers can be very useful devices for controlling unruly lawns, they can come with some issues and problems that can be difficult to fix. If your mower is experiencing any of the problems described below, you can be confident that you can repair ride on mower repairs yourself and get it back to optimal performance in no time.

Your machine is smoking – The sudden realization that your mower is smoking can be very alarming – many people immediately jump into the fire. However, the most common cause of this problem is too much oil. Check the engine level and drain a little oil if you are full. Once the excess oil has burned off, your engine should stop smoking. If the problem persists, you may have internal engine damage. Inspect all parts thoroughly and replace any damaged parts.

Your ride on mower repairs a lot – start by checking the mower for bent or damaged blades, pulleys and spindles. This type of damage can occur when walking on large objects such as rocks or tree roots. Replace the damaged part. If there is no damage or if the replacement part does not fix the problem, check the engine for bent or damaged belt. If you notice that ride on mower repairs is torn or has signs of wear, replace it.

Your mower refuses to cut in reverse – Most riding mowers are equipped with safety features that prevent people from reversing until the cutting deck is turned off. However, some machines manufactured since 2005 have reverse cutting technology; for more information, see the user manual.

Your mower won’t move freely in neutral

 The first step to solving this problem is to make sure that the transmission safety valve is in the correct position. If you are unsure, refer to your owner’s manual to determine the correct location. If this does not solve the problem, you should check that the brake is fully released. If not, you may need to take the mower to a professional.

As you can see, the causes of many common mower problems are very simple and easy to fix. If you are unable to resolve the problem using the instructions above, you should still take the machine to a professional for inspection and possible repair. By fixing problems with your mower as soon as you notice it, you can ensure that it runs optimally for longer.

Anyone who has to mow often in the summer will miss one of these lawn mowers.

They are like little tractor type units and are perfect for anyone with a ¼ acre plus to keep neat and tidy.

Electric models of these mowers are also available, as well as standard mowers. The battery can usually cover about half an acre of grass before needing to be recharged. They do not produce smoke and are generally sufficient. But they can’t provide as much power as gasoline-powered mowers and can get stuck in tight spots.

Some units are equipped with roller blades to delay mowing, but these are usually used by other lawn care professionals. The cutting blade is usually located under the deck where the seat is, which can cause vibration. However, a good padded seat attached to the seat will help reduce this to an acceptable level.

The small units are known as riding mowers, but the idea is basically the same. The only difference is really only in engine horsepower and physical size. Extra horsepower is often desirable, but efficiency also comes into play. A well-built model doesn’t need a lot of horsepower to get the job done.

If you have a flat garden yard, less effort is required and therefore less horse power.

 On the other hand, if you have to scramble in hilly areas, it takes more energy to maintain it. For this, a lawnmower tractor is your number one choice.

These engines are in the 17-24 horsepower range, which is still below the 150-300 horsepower range of normal car engines. Since you’ll pay more for one with more horsepower, make sure it’s used before spending the extra money.

Mowers with a wider cutting surface also affect costs. Lawn tractor blades typically range from 42 to 54 inches. Wider blades cut grass faster, getting the job done faster.

If you’re looking for extra power, you can find a lawn tractor with 26 horsepower and up to 62-inch blades. Very few need it, but the extra power allows it to be used for hauling brush, dirt or tree stumps with trailer hitches.


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