A Glossary Of Common Wedding Videography Lingo


Each industry has Wedding video own language and terms. These words and expressions can be confounding to any individual who isn’t essential for the day-to-day tasks of a particular area, and the wedding videography business is no exemption.

To assist you with grasping the terms, abbreviations, and expressions routinely utilized while benefiting of cinematography administrations, Fresh Canadian Content Wedding video has made this helpful reference guide. Here you’ll track down significant data permitting you to understand and convey your video and web based needs actually.


4K and 1080HD are different video goals. 4K is the cutting-edge norm of transmission TV and present-day TVs, and 1080HD (otherwise called FullHD) is the ancestor. 4K for the most part interprets as a profoundly definite, fresh, and cleaner-looking video than 1080, particularly when played on a 4K screen.

Video real time

Video real time is an innovation that permits clients to see online video content over the web without expecting to download the media records first. Video web based alludes to online video content explicitly, for example, films, live occasion communicates, and so on, and is like Netflix.

Lavalier or lapel amplifiers

Lavalier amplifiers, otherwise called lapel mics or cut on mics, are little wired receivers generally utilized in filmmaking and broadcasting. They are great for recording exchange as they are attentive and inconspicuous and offer excellent sound while being able to be situated near the mouth while staying concealed.

Crude video or sound

This alludes to unedited, unmanipulated video and sound documents directly from the source (as a rule either a camera or sound recorder).

Artistic style versus narrative style

The words artistic and narrative portray styles of 婚禮錄影 and photography. Artistic style is contained arranged, presented, and cleaned points of view. While narrative style videography is essentially recording the occasions as they occur without a lot or any mediation. Artistic style is for the most part considered to be more present day and fascinating.

Full length and feature recordings

A full-length video is a video more than 45 minutes long that covers every one of the occasions of your day exhaustively. Conversely, a feature video centers around the most thrilling and significant minutes and is generally around three to five minutes long.

On the off chance that you’re searching for grant winning and head wedding videography, connect with the specialists at Fresh Canadian Content Wedding Cinematography. We offer our administrations all through all of Southern and Central Ontario and Alberta. For more than decade, we have represented considerable authority in making live web based occasion recordings. Our well disposed and helpful nature permits us to assemble affinity and work in collaboration with different merchants.


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