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solar lighting systems been ages, we have been living on fossil fuels and impacting our environment in ways that are deteriorating our ecological cycle. Our planet has started showing its deadly impact in the form of drastic climatic change and severe global warming warnings. Solar has come as a breakthrough technology in the recent decades and has started to show its positive effects on reviving the loss that we have incurred on this beautiful planet. The new and advanced solar lighting systems that includes the solar battery, solar panels, etc brings along an array of advantages, when it comes to solar lights for home, garden or outdoors. Initial solar innovations paved the way to a more intelligent solar powered products that run on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning as well. Today, there is a gamut of top solar EPC companies that are crushing the marketplace with ever-new solar-tech products, that are intelligent and work best for the upgradation of the environment manifold. Understanding the mechanism of solar lights and how they work and are installed for a lifetime, makes it critical to understand what they really mean.

What is a solar light?

Solar lights are illumination options that can replace traditional light sources like candles and kerosene lamps. They work on Photovoltaic effect, that coverts sun’s light into direct electrical current for illumination in dark hours. They are the most popular green illumination solution available.

Advantages of Solar lights:

  • Eco-friendly illumination option

Solar panels from the best solar company in Gurgaon require absolutely no power from the grid. The solar batteries feed on the sunlight all day and illuminate the area effectively at night.

  • Best LEED rating

LEED certification becomes all the more important for commercial buildings as higher ratings infer cost-effective environmental efficiency of the building, making the building a green zone.

  • Low maintenance cost

The outdoor solar lights and solar LED street lights, among others require very little or no maintenance. Apart from the upfront cost or installation cost being higher, these lights pay off well over time.

  • Cost-effective illumination

With outdoor lighting systems for home, you end up paying zero electricity bills.

Disadvantages of Solar lights:

  • It does not work in places with weak sunlight access
  • Solar batteries are a must-have, otherwise the light won’t work at night
  • The upfront installation cost is high

Types of Solar lighting systems:

  1. Outdoor solar lighting
  2. Solar garden lights
  3. Solar string lights
  4. Solar fence lights
  5. Solar walkway lights
  6. Solar lawn lights
  7. Solar spot lights
  8. Solar step lights
  9. Solar flood lights
  10. Solar porch lights
  11. Solar LED Street light
  12. Solar parking light
  • Indoor solar lighting
  • Solar lighting lamps
  • Solar shed light
  • Solar tube light
  • Solar lanterns

How are solar lights better than conventional lights?

Lower usage costHigh usage cost
Independent of the gridDependent on power grid
Renewable, eco-friendly energy sourceNon-renewable energy source
These street lights that work in sunlight are safeThe wiring of these street lights is risky
Their lifespan spans 10 times of the conventional counterpartTheir lifespan is around 5000 hours

Key points to consider before installing solar lights:

  • Solar illumination system works on quality of the solar cells and the size of LED solar bulbs. If you have a huge space to illuminate, consider choosing high-quality solar panels and larger LED
  • With incandescent bulbs, go for the lightings with tinted covers
  • Brighter lighting needs more power
  • Always hire a licensed lighting electrician or a solar installer

For indoor solar lights for homes and commercial spaces, always remember to:

  • Check battery’s longevity before installing it
  • Lumen output for sidewalks can range from 1-10 lumens
  • LED lights offer a clear whitish-blue colour tone, giving the feel of daylight

Essentials to remember before buying outdoor solar lights for homes and commercial spaces:

  • Install a dimmer LED light that offers great functionality and efficiency
  • Choose the location that witnesses the most direct sunlight
  • Choose a solar lighting solution with a long-lasting solar battery

Choose the best solar batteries for outdoor and indoor use:

Solar batteries are one of the most integral parts of solar illumination system. This directly impacts durability, active time, safety, charging time, maintenance and cost-effectiveness of these lights. Types of solar batteries includes:

  • Lead acid solar battery
  • Lithium-ion solar battery
  • Lithium-ion phosphate solar battery

Without a doubt, solar lighting systems have several benefits over traditional lighting options. It is more cost-efficient, durable, long-lasting and eco-friendly. SARRVAD has made its mark in the solar industry as an experienced solar EPC companysince decades of committed performance, covering their clients for an entire array of solar needs. From solar bags, solar garden lights, solar hawker lights, solar generator, solar camera bags in Gurgaon and much more. they have an intelligent solar solution for every possible solar requirement. It is undoubtedly the best decision to collaborate with an industry expert like sarrvad, to fulfil your solar installation needs of all kinds. Understanding the above elaborate guide about solar lightings in India is sure to help you sail through and reach the best solar solution for your preferred premises at best prices possible.
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