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Kids when start going to school childrens books not that easy to make them sit and start with some books. They already have started with schools. childrens booksbe comes difficult to give them books besides their school books. In order to make this session an interesting one. childrens books is important to introduce books that kids will find interesting and engaging.

There are plenty of books that are available for kids these days. Parents should pick books according to the age of their children. Otherwise kids won’t understand those books. Picking up the right books for the right age is very necessary.

One can never go wrong with colouring books, storybooks, workbooks or activity books. As these books are loved by all the children. One could even buy olympiad or reasoning books to prepare little ones for higher classes. Every parent wants their children to be good at everything. So, why not at competitive exams.

Pegasus is a children’s books publisher which is very famous among parents and children. Parents love to have Pegasus’ books for their kids. Pegasus has a wide collection of storybooks, early learning books, flashcards, colouring books, workbooks. Their books are for kids aged 0-12 years. They have their website as well as they have their own bookstores in Delhi and Noida.

For the kids aged 4-6 years. childrens books is good if parents bring storybooks, colouring books and workbooks for their children:

As storybooks are something that kids love to have. Parents may read to them before bedtime or let their little ones try to read by themselves. This helps in developing early reading habits in them. Not only develops reading skills but also enhances their vocabulary skills. As the little ones while reading come across various new words.

Workbooks are also very helpful at this age. Especially if you want your child to do well in subjects like Maths and English then there are various workbooks for this age group that are going to help the little ones in the particular subjects. Even the reasoning books are quite helpful for these kids.

Colouring is something that kids do no matter how old they are. They could never get bored from the colouring books. Colouring books even serve as an ideal gifting option for kids.

Books to buy for kids aged 4-6 years:

  • Practice Spelling

This series of books let the kids learn spellings and enhance their vocabulary skills by coming across new words. This is a practice workbook for kids aged 4-6 years. These workbooks are level based books. By practicing pellings, the little ones get to improve their handwriting too.

  • My Book of Creative Writing

At this age where kids are learning to write, it is a good idea to buy them writing books. These books will allow the children to practice more and will enhance their handwriting. This will also develop fine motor skills in them. This is a great way to improve your little ones’ handwriting.

  • Early Maths and Early English

These books allow the kids to learn the basics of each subject. In Maths, they get to learn about counting, decimals, measuring, fraction, addition, multiplication, subtraction, division and much more. In English, they come across capital letters, small letters, phonics, sight words, nouns and pronouns. This helps them in later years of life.

  • Mental Maths

Buying mental maths books for your little ones could prove to be very helpful for them. As these sets of books make maths easy and fun for the kids. They get to develop interest in the subject. These books help in improving self-confidence in the child. It enhances their ability to concentrate.

  • Amazingly World of Animals

These storybooks are based on the animal theme. Little ones found it very interesting when they get to hear stories about animals. These books help in developing early reading habits in them. The books in the series are Liza’s Day Out, Tanny Turtle Finds her Brothers, Roger goes back to the Desert, Fenny and Mandy are Best Friends!

  •  Festivals and Religions

It is really important that children are taught about the importance of our festivals and religions from an early age. At the age of 4 or 5, they are ready to be introduced to these. They should know which festivals we celebrate and how many religions there are. The little ones get to know about Christmas, Diwali, Eid, Easter, Gurupurab, Christianity, Islam, Jainism.

  • Bible Stories and Hindu Stories

These bible stories help kids to get to know about the christianity and their stories. Parents could read those stories to them and should make them understand too. Hindu stories help kids to know about the Hindu Gods and Goddesses: Lakshmi, Krishna, Ganesha, Devi, Rama, Hanuman, Shiva and Ganesha.

  • Write, Wipe & Clean

These are reusable books which allow the little ones to write, wipe and clean. These activity books are high in demand. The titles in the series are brain booster, dot to dot, first activity, first drawing, first puzzle, look and find, mazes and spot the difference. The little ones get to learn while playing.

  • The Knowledge Pop-Ups

The 3D pop-up books are highly attractive books. Such books generate curiosity in the little ones, teaches the value of visualisation and provides multi sensory experience.  The titles in the series are dinosaurs, earth, jungle, natural wonders, sea world, space, super cars and wonders of the world. These are some of the really interesting books to be bought for your kids.

There are more such books that Pegasus has to offer for the age group 4-6 years. Parents could pick up the books as per their child’s age and interest in reading. These children’s books are available at the stores and on the website.


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