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7 Tips to Get Your Seasonal Power Equipment Ready for the Busy Season


Even if you’re not in the construction business, chances are you’ve got power equipment that you use throughout the year to complete work around the home or business property. But the busy season can be hectic on your equipment, especially if it’s not prepared for it! Thankfully, there are several ways you can prepare your equipment to ensure that it lasts through the season and doesn’t break down at an inopportune time during your busiest days. Here are some tips on how to get your seasonal power equipment ready for the busy season!

Checking oil levels

The oil in your power equipment engine is what lubricates moving parts. Over time and use, oil can deteriorate and lose its ability to work well. To keep your engine humming throughout spring and summer, have your local Anderson Outdoor Power Equipment Technician check your engines’ oil levels before it gets too hot out. The mechanic will put a dipstick into a hole in one of your engine’s covers; they might also ask you when you last changed your oil if they don’t notice any problems or inconsistencies right away. If everything checks out, you’re good!

Checking other fluids

With power equipment, there’s not only an oil and gas component, but also other fluids. Make sure you have fuel, coolant and brake fluid on hand before starting your mowing season. Anderson Outdoor Power Equipment also recommends checking spark plugs and changing them every year. Be sure to check belts too—these wear down in extreme weather conditions or when equipment is used hard. You may want to look into upgrading a new belt as well if it’s too worn out or ripped. And lastly, be sure all of your attachments are on hand before you start any projects; those old-school lawnmowers don’t work so well without a lawnmower blade!

Checking filters

Just like your furnace, some power equipment needs filters. For example, when you start up your snow blower or leaf blower in autumn, be sure to check their air filters and replace if necessary. Filters need to be cleaned or replaced after every few hours of use; otherwise, they can get clogged and lead to a decrease in performance. If you have Anderson Outdoor Power Equipment equipment, be sure to have it serviced by one of our professionals annually so we can make sure all of these simple maintenance tasks are up-to-date. It’s an easy way to ensure that your machine operates at peak performance during a busy season.

Check belts and hoses

Garden tools are durable equipment. You can usually use them year after year, but seasonal power equipment can wear down quickly if you don’t take care of it. Check all belts and hoses during regular maintenance and replace them if necessary. Loose or cracked belts reduce a tool’s effectiveness, while damaged hoses increase your chances of losing fuel or breaking a valve. Look for leaking fluids or oil buildup around moving parts as well; cracks in hydraulic lines can be dangerous in both large and small machines. Checking belts and hoses is a relatively easy way to ensure that you start your busy season with safe, reliable equipment.

Wipe down your equipment

Wipe down your equipment before storing it in an enclosed space, such as a garage, shed or covered porch. Dust and debris can get into crevices of machines that are turned off and put away. This buildup can eventually lead to rusting, which makes it difficult or impossible to start up again once you pull it out next year. Starting your engine on a monthly basis while in storage is another way to keep things running smoothly during their off season. The more often you use your equipment, such as your lawn mower, snow blower and leaf blower, etc., will help make them more durable over time.


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