7 Simple Ways To Make Your Nails Grow Faster 


Beautiful, envy-worthy nails are the ultimate fashion accessory that can also indicate good health. However, achieving ideal nail length and strength poses a challenge for many.  

The appearance of your nails stems from a combination of genetics, nutrition, and daily care. While you cannot alter DNA, the good news is you have more control than you think when it comes to encouraging faster, healthier growth. 

This article explores seven simple and practical methods to make your nails grow quicker and healthier. 

1. Protect Your Nails 

Environmental exposures can damage nails, putting healthy growth at risk. Avoid excessive contact with water, cleaning products, and other chemicals. Wear protective gloves when washing dishes, cleaning, or engaging in wet work. Also, handle nails gently to prevent chips and cracks – do not use them as tools, no matter how strong they seem.   

As nails grow out, temporarily paint on fortifying builder gel for durable strength. You may be wondering, “What is builder gel?” It refers to nail enhancement products that reinforce each layer with proteins and keratin as they safely extend fragile nails’ length. Builder gel tenaciously bonds to the natural nail for a protective boost of structure. 

2. Nail Care Routine 

The foundation of fast nail growth is keeping nails healthy through consistent care and conditioning. Start with proper trimming and gentle filing to prevent cracks and breaks, which often stall progress. Use tools designed specifically for nails, always filing in one direction rather than sawing. 

After filing, soak nails weekly in a moisturizing bath like a botanical oil blend. This softens both the nail beds and cuticles to allow for unhindered gains. Follow soaking by locking in hydration with an intensive overnight cream under cotton gloves a few nights per week. 

These nurturing treatments minimize brittleness while coaxing length. However, gains depend partially on avoiding damage. After softening in the bath, gently nudge back overgrown cuticles and hangnails using a wrapped pusher tool. Never aggressively cut living skin. 

3. Maintain a Balanced Diet 

A balanced diet fuels substantial, rapid nail expansion from the inside out. Be sure to incorporate a variety of vitamin-rich whole foods covering all the bases – lean proteins, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, fruits, and vegetables. More specifically, critical minerals shown to support growth include calcium, zinc, iron, and selenium.   

Also, getting enough quality protein builds strong keratin, while antioxidants in colorful produce protect nail beds. Talk to your doctor about any specific supplements if diet improvements after 2-3 months don’t yield satisfactory results. 

4. Stay Hydrated 

Just as the skin needs hydration, our nails require adequate water intake to grow fast and strong. Brittle, peeling nails result partly from dehydration, which causes nail beds to dry out and rigidify. Consume at least 6-8 glasses of pure water or herbal tea daily. For flavor, infuse your water with fruits like cucumber and watermelon or antioxidant-rich berries.  

Beyond pure water, eating water-filled produce also contributes to hydration levels from the inside out. Proper hydration keeps nails flexible and less prone to cracking by maintaining structural integrity. Focus on increasing your fluid intake consistently. Hydrating will comprise an essential piece of your complete nail growth and fortification regimen. 

5. Consider Supplements 

High-quality nail supplements feature compounds like collagen, keratin, silica, and targeted botanicals. When lacking essential nutrients, they provide concentrated dosages known to enhance growth. Research shows biotin, in particular, may stimulate regeneration and expansion when deficient. 

Consult a doctor before attempting any new supplement to ensure safety and efficacy. They will advise you on appropriate types, potency, and duration of use according to your needs. Carefully follow all packaged instructions as well. Allow at least six to eight weeks before accurately evaluating supplemental effects on growth rate or appearance when used alongside dietary and topical efforts. 

6. Practice Good Nail Hygiene 

Good nail hygiene is non-negotiable for rapid, healthy nail growth. Bacteria and fungi easily set up camp under unkempt nails, and infection risks stalling gains. Start by keeping your nails short. Trim regularly to prevent the accumulation of contagions underneath free edges or jagged cuticles. Sterilize tools before and after each use. 

Equally important, wash hands frequently with soap and water, scrubbing gently under nails. Rinse meticulously. This sweeps away existing germs lingering where the skin meets the nail. Sanitize additionally on the go if unable to wash. Finally, allow nails an occasional break from polish to breathe when at home. 

7. Be Patient and Gentle 

When seeking longer, stronger nails, the two most crucial ingredients are consistency and patience. Understand healthy new growth occurs slowly over weeks and months. Resist the temptation for risky quick fixes or harsh treatments promising overnight results. These often backfire, causing more damage than good. 

Instead, focus on being both diligent and gentle in your comprehensive routine. Natural gains happen gradually, often requiring months before visible differences emerge. Some bodies inherently respond quicker thanks to genetics. Age, health status, and seasons also impact. 

Final Thoughts 

While achieving long, strong nails requires consistency and patience, incorporating these simple nutrition, care, and handling tips will set you up for success. Commit to focusing your support plan based on your nails’ unique needs. Adjust habits across a balanced diet, strategic hydration, conditioning treatments, and protective measures beginning today.   

Stay persistent and realistic week after week. Understand visible improvements emerge progressively, often taking 4-6 weeks before apparent. When customized care harmonizes with targeted reinforcement, healthy rapid growth follows. Before you know it, those beautiful, enviably strong nails you’ve always desired blossom transform. So start your personalized nail-boosting journey now – consistent, loving support is the key to naturally flourishing nails! 


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