5 Steps of Writing a CV for Fresh Graduates to Get a Job in Ireland


Do you know what is considered to be the toughest part of securing your dream job? To construct a perfect CV. And yet many of us fail to get there because we don’t know how to do that. It used to be a huge problem back in the days but now that we have guidance and professional CV writing services in Ireland and all over the world, things are pretty sorted. 

However, that does not mean you think your job is done here, you need to provide all the details correctly to keep everything in manner. People hire agencies and professional writers to compose their resumes and sometimes they even forget to mention their full names. We know that it sounds fake but it’s not. We have seen those incomplete applications. And at the end of the day, we think writers are responsible if anything goes wrong.

Research suggests, according to recruiters it hardly takes 30-35 seconds to accept, reject, or even consider a CV for the applied position. You might be thinking about how much power a piece of paper holds in your professional life. But that is not the scenario. However, things that are mentioned on your resume might be responsible for your selection or rejection for a particular job.

What will you be reading?

The sole purpose of this article is to help out all those candidates who are looking for a job. Since pandemic has affected the job market a lot and it turned out to nearly impossible to find a work that suits you. We hope that you will find this piece of writing beneficial for your upcoming job hunt. All of the tips we mention here have been shared with us by authentic forums and experts from resume writing agency Dublin. It’s time to start the ride without any further delay.

Relevance is the key

Let’s start with being relevant. When you read the job description make sure, you are suitable for it. Don’t go for it just for the sake of having a job. You should be as relevant as possible. Otherwise, you are just wasting your and the recruiter’s time. There are hundreds of applications and you know the drill. You gotta stand out and the only way of doing that is relevance. Tell them why you are a perfect candidate for the position so that you get shortlisted and called for the interview. 

Watch what you say 

You should always watch your language. It can be a barrier or work as an entrance way. This all depends on the language you use in your application. You also wouldn’t want to use cliches in your resume. Because trust us, when something is overly used, it loses its essence. Also refrain from using words like hardworking, passionate, loyal, etc. You aren’t the only one who applied for the job. The employer has got lots of resumes to deal with and they do not want to read the same thing continuously. Bring something new to the table. 

Be precise 

You are not in an examination hall, neither are you required to fill 5 pages in a row. So relax and sit back. Learn the art of precision. Nobody got time to read 5 page long applications for nothing. If you are good at it, you can convey it in five lines too. You don’t need to add irrelevant experience because it is not going to get you a job anyway so delete that part already and pay attention to what matters instead of unnecessary details. This might help you. 

What are your hobbies?

Now you know why you deleted that irrelevant experience? Mention your hobbies. These can be related to your traveling experience or any other interesting thing you have done. Show your interest in sports you like. Anything that shows how dedicated you are is going to help you in the long run. And people usually don’t get bored or tired of reading interesting stuff. This will help recruiters to know more about you and who knows, because of this, you get a call for an interview? Always remember that possibilities are endless. 

Avoid the photo 

We don’t get the point of including photos in your resume. According to experts, this can rather be problematic than obliging. However, the debate is still on whether you should add your photo or not. But we suggest you should avoid it. Because a recruiter might evaluate you based on your looks rather than the expertise you possess. And that is not only unfair but considered to be unethical too. Judging someone based on looks and ignoring the expertise should be stopped already.

Bonus tip!

Capabilities are essential just as your graduation degree the only difference is that capabilities might help you to secure a good job in the market. So, you are pursuing any degree with the thought of securing a job then let us break it to you that, a degree is also just a piece of paper. And you need to work on yourself and your skills too. 


We live in an era where experience matters more than education and that is quite an unfortunate situation. But this also shows how much we are lacking in certain areas of self-grooming. So many fresh graduates are jobless, just because they have no expertise. So while you compose a perfect CV, also try to polish your skills too. 

Only if you pay attention to these certain rules, you won’t have any trouble composing a perfect job application without making any mistakes. Just remember that the only hurdle you would face while hunting for a job is a weak resume. How come you expect a company to hire you if you can’t even maintain your resume? Hence, you need to put the same amount of effort into skill development you do in your education. We wish you all the very best in your future endeavors and hope that you find each thing written in this article helpful. 


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