4 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need Virtual Numbers


Virtual numbers are cloud-based numbers used by a business to route incoming customer calls to any preferred agents as per the requirements of the customers. A business can use both local as well as international virtual phone numbers to easily expand its market reach. It can be used by businesses of any size.

The Feature of Virtual Number That Helps Businesses:

  1. Higher Conversion Rate: With virtual phone numbers a business can track every outbound and inbound call that enhances business opportunities. It encourages a higher conversion rate with seamless communication.
  2. Identify Quality Leads: Virtual numbers helps to classify and promote every quality lead that encourages customer engagement rate.
  3. Round-the-clock service: It connects all customer calls to the agents by forwarding calls from any place for efficient service delivery.
  4. Number Masking: It ensures privacy by protecting the call and caller details of both the customers and the caller by applying the number masking feature. It protects the information while recording the details without being revealed and also without affecting the communication.
  5. Optimize Operation: Virtual phone numbers can directly route customer calls to specific agents that includes both agents who are available at the moment as well as specialized based on the need of the customer. This optimizes the operational efficiency of the business as it ensures customer satisfaction with instant yet quality service.
  6. Data insights: It helps a business with real-time insights on the call where the business can get details of the customers as well as the agent’s performance during the call. This data is very useful for helping a business to grow and expand in many ways.

Four Reasons why and How Small Businesses Need Virtual Numbers are:

  1. Direct Routing: The feature of direct call routing to available and expert agents benefits both customers and the business.  It reduces the wait time of the customers and they are guided with instant communication. In small businesses as human resource is limited, it helps with the workload of the agents.

With call routing, an agent can reach more customers in a short time. It allows a business to respond to an unlimited number of calls at the same time. A small business can highly benefit from it as it allows easy business expansion. It makes the business accessible to the customers. It also ensures quality service thus enhancing call quality and customer engagement rate.

  1. Privacy and quality service: With the number masking feature of virtual numbers, a small business ensure privacy and protection to the customers. As small businesses are new to the market, the number masking feature helps customers to connect without any doubt. As number masking does not affect the quality of communication, it benefits a small business in multiple ways.
  2. Fruitful marketing campaigns: A small business can digitalizes its marketing campaigns by linking the virtual numbers to run both online and offline advertisements. It benefits in monitoring and tracking each campaign. A business can keep track of every interaction. In-depth analysis of insights, customer experience, agent’s performance, and market reach is gained. A small business can use this as a resource in many ways. It can be used to make business expansion strategies. It can also be used as a tool for training agents. By just investing in virtual numbers a small business can gain many benefits. It also makes tracking market ROI easy.

An important feature of virtual numbers is that it offers multiple language support. It makes marketing campaigns more interesting and engaging.

  1. Economical and easy remote working: Virtual phone numbers are cost-efficient and economical. It is very beneficial for small businesses as it can be easily installed and used. It does not need any external expertise or infrastructural setting.

Virtual numbers allow remote working. A small business can use it to reach more customers from any location. It makes remote work easy and effective.

Knowlarity is one of the leading virtual number India providers. Virtual number India of Knowlarity is popularly chosen by small businesses. The customized feature packages at economical prices are very unique. Any business can easily expand their business in India and also in the international market with the virtual number India.


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