4 Key Tips to Maintain Winter Tyres 


Indeed, winter tyres come under a category of tyre that has low durability as compared to other types of tyres such as summer, all-season, performance, etc. As a result, Maintain Winter Tyres is essential to maintain a tyre to improve its durability. A winter tyre’s durability depends on how and where you drive as well as what brand winter tyre you are using. Some people believe that a winter tyre will last as long as a summer tyre, however, this is incorrect. The average age of a winter tyre is 5-6 years. Or Maintain Winter Tyres can extend a year if you maintain the tyre. 

Now, talking about the tips; various tips will help you to extend the winter tyre lifespan. Winter tyres are expensive, hence it is imperative to follow the guidelines. Are you looking for a winter tyre? Or are you recently purchasing a winter tyre or looking for marinating tips? Whatever issue you have, visit Turnpike Tyres and get high-quality Tyres Fareham for your car at a good price. 

Why is choosing a set of winter tyres essential? 

Before knowing the maintenance tips, understand why choosing the set is essential as compared to choosing a pair or a single tyre. Some people believe; that two winter tyres are enough to get a safe drive on the winter roads and they save hundreds of pounds. However, this is wrong. you are playing with your safety. Mismatched tyres are very dangerous driving on snowy roads especially. 

Why asking for a professional before replacing a tyre is a must? 

Even if you do whatever possible to prolong the life of your winter Tyres Fareham, they will not last eternally. asking professionals before putting on your winter tyres is a good idea. Get your tyre evaluated by an expert to guarantee you’re not riding with worn tyres. Although purchasing a new set could be costly, you must do all possible to keep safe on the road during the winter. And for that, you have to follow the tips that are mentioned downside. 

  • Keep your winter tyres away from the warmer months 

If the winter season is over, keep your winter tyre out of the sun. Winter tyres are flexible since they are constructed of both soft and hard rubber. Your tyre lifespan will be shortened if you leave your car with winter tyres outside every day throughout the winter Tyres Fareham months or a temperature of more than 7 degrees. 

  • Ensure that your tyres are clean 

Getting your automobile clean during the rainy colder months may appear to be a hopeless struggle, but it is crucial. Removal of sludge, and grime as soon as possible will assist to let you see the tyre damage if they have. Because problems with the tyres are more difficult to detect when they’re unclean, you must aim to keep them clean and maintained as much as possible. You can easily see if your tyre gets any type of damage such as bulges, tread wear, cut, crack, etc. 

  • Regular checkup leads the durability and saves the fuel cost 

Inspecting the tyre frequently is a must-do task. Do you know cold months lead to the reduction of tyre pressure? And if you drive a vehicle with low tyre pressure, it leads to under or over-inflated tyres. If you drive with these tyres, it may increase fuel consumption. So checking your tyre every week is a must. 

  • Look at the air tyre pressure 

As I have mentioned above, tyre pressure leads to several issues, so maintain the tyre pressure. 

Do you know winter months lead to more accidents as compared to other seasons? It is because of the very slippery snow road. So driving safely on winter tyres is also important as maintaining a winter tyre. Or ultimately, maintaining tips will also keep you safe on the winter roads. But if you drive carelessly you will face collisions. Learn about some tips for driving on snowy roads. 

  • Avoid sudden high pressure on the brake or acceleration pad.
  • Drive on the 2nd gear, and apply the clutch gently, as a result, the chance of wheelspin will reduce. 
  • Never drive fast on snowy roads because the braking distance is high as compared to summer roads. But a winter tyre can reduce braking distance, take a look at the best winter Tyres Fareham and enjoy snow riding. 
  • Be careful on turning and keep the steering hard.


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