Top 10 Guidelines That Can Help to Get 2.1 In A Dissertation


Improving your dissertation from the level of mediocrity to the level of excellence requires expertise and critical analysis. 2.1 in a Dissertation The difference in real marks is frequently negligible: a 2:1 reflects a grade between 60% and 69%, whereas a 2:2 typically results from a mark between 50% and 59%. However, this is rarely the case in practice. Your work will be evaluated subjectively. Therefore, if you want to increase that grade, you need a considerable gap rather than a thin one.

If you approach this logically, you will see that you need to think about how to enhance your work in each relevant category to increase your grade. Before you start writing your dissertation, thoroughly review the marking criteria and make a note of the areas that can get you a 2:1 in your dissertation.

Guidelines To Get 2.1 In A Dissertation:

The following are some crucial ideas that can help you get a better score on your dissertation, that is 2:1. The top ten guidelines for raising your score are explained below:

Proofread Thoroughly:

A 2:1 is difficult to obtain if your work has several spelling, punctuation, or grammar mistakes. You should thoroughly proofread each chapter as you finish it and then proofread the entire dissertation to raise your grade. Having a second set of eyes go through the dissertation is beneficial because you may miss minor mistakes on your own as you are familiar with it. You must make sure the job is error-free and that the textual phrase is accurate if you want a 2:1.

Be Accurate And Brief:

Make sure that your views are expressed precisely and that you elaborate on any relevant facts or theories. It is necessary to properly clarify the nature of a theory or approach and how it relates to your main point rather than simply summarizing it.

Additionally, even while your work must be precise and in-depth, it must also be brief and straightforward. Try to avoid using excessive detail in your descriptions, and be sure to often edit your work to remove unnecessary language.

Display Thorough Research:

The quantity of research it exhibits is a significant distinction between a 2:1 dissertation and a mediocre dissertation. You must persuade examiners that you have conducted a moderately extensive research process and have not just casually or hastily assembled information if you want to raise your dissertation marks to the 2:1 standard. Using a wide range of sources and references, and making regular use of them throughout your work, is a good approach to achieve this.

Establish A Reliable Angle:

The best dissertations exhibit a consistent authorial point of view. When organizing your dissertation, you should think about the precise stance you will take on the subject and work to establish a unifying thesis that can be supported in each chapter. This will enable you to write more critically and prevent you from treating the subject in an imprecise manner. All of your points must contribute to this central idea. If you think you can’t do 2.1 in a Dissertation, getting dissertation help online is a better option.

Create Drafts in Advance:

Simply because they do not give themselves enough time for writing and rewriting, many pupils receive a 2:2 grade. Prepare your first draft early in your timetable to raise your dissertation grade to a 2:1 level. When you present tutors with this complete document, they will give you criticism on your general concepts rather than just one or two chapters.
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This will offer you a greater understanding of what the examiners are looking for, which will considerably improve your work overall.

Be Creative:

By creating an original and distinctive study plan from the beginning, you can position yourself to secure a 2:1. The best dissertations exhibit original, free-thinking thought. Remember that the dissertation is sometimes seen as the beginning of a more advanced research career, thus demonstrating your capacity for original thought is an excellent method to impress examiners.

Be Critical:

The level of critical thought that is displayed in a dissertation is frequently what separates a 2:1 dissertation from a typical dissertation. You should demonstrate the capacity to go beyond what is generally accepted and draw inferences from theoretical applications that are insightful and analytical. You will naturally acquire this talent if you read a lot of journal articles on your subject.

Make Use of latest Sources:

Finding and utilizing relatively unexplored primary sources is an excellent method to wow reviewers and advance to a 2:1 dissertation. This can be accomplished by obtaining primary sources from literature archives and research facilities. The use of these resources will show your commitment to your research and your ability to evaluate the worth of somewhat obscure sources.

Tables And Figures Should Be Included:

A dissertation of the highest caliber will contain pertinent tables, figures, and data sets. These can offer crucial data that can help to support your overall thesis. To make your data more understandable and exploitable, 2.1 in a Dissertation is better to provide tables, pictures, or diagrams in your dissertation.

Make A Complex but Clear Argument:

Making a complex but clear argument is one of the finest methods to demonstrate your capacity for critical thought. This entails fusing various lines of well-established thought to create a highly focused analytical framework.

Your overarching philosophy and approach should be easily defined, and you should think about how this tie to different theoretical tendencies in your subject. Avoid making complicated arguments with too many diverse concepts; instead, pick two or three complementing strategies and integrate them to develop a distinctive perspective on your subject.


First and foremost, this article is not to tell you how to write a dissertation; rather, it shows you how to prepare and design your work. That being said, you should also be aware of your thesis statement that gives a constraint for the writing. One of the best dissertation samples can be found on the internet that are worth reading. Else, you can ask for help from a person who has already worked on their dissertation for 2.1 or 2.2 or any other grade. You must remember that in university, getting a good grade means receiving honors for your writing; thus, it is essential you take your time to make your dissertation interesting without compromising the quality.


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