13 Best Phone Applications To Read Books On


Voracious readers have always felt difficulty in packing their numerous books to keep themselves entertained on long travel journeys – trains, beaches, and even planes. They cannot travel without their books but lugging them around is very tough as well. However, android and iOS users alike are in luck, there are many 13 Best Phone Applications To Read Books On, which allow them to read on their smartphones or tablets for free!


Allowing readers to personalize their reading interface on a massive level, Aldiko is an app that supports PDF, ePub as well as Adobe DRM files. The app has many free classics as well as allows in-app shopping for new publications. By using the premium version, users can also add in many audiobooks, highlight passages and leave notes.


An app for Android and Kindle users, this is great for discovering new authors. 13 Best Phone Applications To Read Books On includes free chapters, as well as short stories. Some authors even have free novels available.


The most popular of all interfaces for readers access books in your device’s library and allows you to customize your reading environment. You can even upload files via Google Drive.

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Having over 50,000 plus books, magazines, and other publications in over 10 languages. 13 Best Phone Applications To Read Books On helps users in sorting their books via language as well. This application is available on both iOS and Android.


A simple app that allows users to connect it to their local libraries! Imagine the power and access of your local library right on your device! Simply connect your library card and access anything on their databases! The app works on both Android and iOS platforms.


Similar to the BookFunnel, this app helps readers to discover new, upcoming authors by promoting free promotional reads. The app works on Android as well as iOS.


The app which works on Microsoft, iOS, and Android platforms, allows authors to share their new works which makes it a great platform to discover new authors and potential favorites. This platform is geared towards social reading allowing users to share their thoughts and feedback in the form of notes.


This is the global platform, Amazon which has launched its audiobook subscription-based service, that has different levels and scales that can be adjusted based on the users listening pace and preference. The app works with the most number of platforms: Android devices, iOS devices, Windows Phones while also syncing to all Amazon devices, many laptops, along many other devices.


This is an exclusive iOS platform that offers ebooks and audiobooks from the Apple store. This app has been designed to be simple to use as well as accessible from any of the Apple devices.


Another Amazon platform for its e-reader. The Kindle app allows users to access their kindle books from any device! The reading is also synced so users can simply continue on another device and has some great free Kindle books on offer. The app is compatible with iOS, Android, PC’s, and Mac books.

11. KOBO

This is one of the better apps in terms of allowing in-app benefits including highlights, recommendations, etc. While the Kobo is not as large as the Nook or Kindle, it is more of a rustic experience for readers. The Kobo is compatible with Blackberry, Androids, Windows, Desktops, and iOS.

12. NOOK

This is a Barnes & Noble app, which is an e-reader companion app. The app lets users sync their reading experiences from smartphones to other devices allowing books to travel along with the use of the user. The app has now launched a new series reading experience and is compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS devices.


This is an app that develops reading into serials – something like television shows. There is one episode that comes out every week and the app offers text and audio versions of both stories and has the flexibility to switch between the two.


However, if you want a good experience with reading books online whether, on your phone, tablet, or laptop, you need a good internet connection.

Also, if you are someone from rural areas and having to wait for pages to load is not an easy task, thus you should go for an internet that would work, not just to read books but for everything online. Satellite internet would be the way to have a smooth internet in the outskirts of America for example like the one from HughesNet Gen5, which will keep you hooked and reading.

While you can go for other options if you live in a city that has high-speed internet and does not lag off. Now, you can light a scented candle that fills your room and get reading on the great books by great writers on the multiple platforms available on these apps for free.


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