11 Ways to Help Make Your Perfume Last More Longer


With winters long gone and the summer months fast approaching We all know that keeping our scent good will only get more difficult. Due to the rising dust and pollution levels of the cities that we are living in, it gets difficult to maintain an ambiance of pleasant scent all around us. How amazing would it be if our fragrances would last for a long period of time without needing to apply repeatedly?

 We’ve brought some tricks to help the perfume last for longer.

1. Do you know what perfume you are using?

Before you complain about its long-lasting power, ensure you are familiar with your scent. The flowerbomb perfume dossier.co available are a vast array of varieties and each is unique in its longevity and intensity of scent. It is essential to be aware the type of scent you’re applying to ensure it will last as long as it can.

  • Perfumes are said to last for the longest time.
  • Colognes are the lightest type of scent.
  • Fragrance balms are great to cover up your skin.

2. The right place to apply!

The fragrance will last longer when applied correctly. Applying the right scent at the right time will not only make the scent last longer, but also keeps you from stressing about not being smelling nice in the event of a need. Do you require suggestions for how to spray your perfume to get more lasting effects? Here’s the list of help:

  • Perfumes are most effective when applied to the warmer parts of your body.
  • Behind the ear The neck’s sides, behind the ears wrists and sides of the neck are ideal spots.
  • Using dior sauvage dossier.co behind your knees is an absolute necessity when wearing skirts.

3. Do not mix scents!

Mixing different scents not only interferes with the effectiveness of the scent you’re applying, but it also reduces the longevity of the scent. Here are some common mistakes that we all make and ensure that you be aware of them so that you can avoid them in the future.

  • Don’t mix strong and mild fragrances for a more lasting effects, as it won’t make sense that way.
  • Applying a different scent to add a touch-up.
  • Do not mix multiple perfumes simply because you like both equally.

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4. The best time to apply!

There’s a perfect time to apply perfume similar to applying makeup! The application of perfumes at any time will not benefit you and will not last than one or two hours. Utilize these tips to find out the ideal time to apply them:

  • Don’t apply perfumes in the morning before the shower.
  • The application of a scent on an old body can result with unpleasant smells.
  • The ideal time to apply sunscreen is following the shower.

5. Maintain Distance:

Most of the time, we apply a fragrance to finish our attire. Most of the time, when we’ve finished getting ready and are in a rush to get out of the event fast or get distracted by snapping selfies. In either case, we hurry up the process . Sometimes we apply the viktor rolf flowerbomb dossier.co too close. Be sure to apply your perfume the minimum distance of 20-30 centimeters.

6. Do you rub your perfume?

It is likely that you have seen everybody doing this, whether it was your sister, friend or mother, grandmother, or any other person. This is a huge error ladies! Here are the reasons you shouldn’t do it:

  • This causes overheating of the area of skin to which you’ve applied your perfume since it could cause skin irritation or the appearance of redness.
  • It eliminates that original smell.
  • This affects the long-lasting effect of the scent.
  • Let it be dissolved naturally by spraying.

7. Applying the cream to dry skin, No!

Do you know that perfumes stay longer on your skin when they have oilsy textures? Yes! It’s because of the properties of alcohol in the fragrance. If you’re believing that applying it directly on our skin to make it absorb and last for longer then you’re wrong. Here’s what you need to do:

  • After showering, hydrate your skin using the use of a lotion for your body with a light scent.
  • Allow the scent of your products for skin care diminish and disappear.
  • Apply your favorite perfume right now, using gentle sprays.
  • You can indulge in a heavenly fragrance by letting the scent flow naturally over your pores.

8. Perfume Pool Perfume Pool, Not Cool!

This is absolutely real! When you apply a huge area of perfume that is concentrated on a tiny area on your face from far distance, then you’ve made a mistake. Here’s the correct way to do it:

  • Do not apply it too close.
  • Always test soft sprays in lieu of one big shot.
  • Never let the skin of a spot go in a splatter of scent.
  • Creating an oozing pool of perfume on your skin is a waste of many products, and there’s no reason for you to add it for your taste.

9. Don’t Be a Bottle!

There are some women you will recognize across the hall by the uncontrollable intensity of their perfume. Do not be like the one of them. These suggestions could come in useful

  • Beware of fragrances that are particularly intense.
  • Do not be enticed by strong scents, thinking they will remain longer in the air than gentle scents.
  • Beware of repeated application of perfume for fear of not looking good.

10. Bring them along:

This is only for people who are prone to soft and mild scents. The fragrances that have lighter hues tend to fade after an interval of 3-4 hours. Keep the miniatures in your bag to reapply them However, make sure that you do not:

  • Do not make the look of reapplication obvious.
  • Avoid spray reapplications in public.
  • Keep a complementing balm perfume for quick unnoticeable touch-ups.

11. Keep them in a safe place:

A lot of times, we do not know that we’re damaging the quality of our perfumes due to a inexperience. Parfums need to be handled with care and appropriate storage space that adheres to the following guidelines:

  • The storage space for perfumes must have a dry surface and be free of humidity.
  • Do not place them in a place in which sunlight could reach them.
  • Do not keep your fragrances in the warm corners of your house.
  • Try to maintain distinct scents in various storage containers.


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