10 Reasons Why Your Home Needs To Be Painted


Every home should look good and be comfortable. When it comes to looks, colour is the first thing people see. In addition, colour is your first line of defence against elements like bad weather and pests. Therefore, experts advise that getting constant painting services in Perth houses should always be in top priority.

But how do you know when it’s time to paint your home? Check out these 10 signs.


Colours will fade over time due to factors such as sun exposure and water ingress. Dark colours usually fade faster than lighter colours, but faded colours don’t look as good. Depending on the quality, it will take several years for the colour to fade.

Bubbling and cracking

You may see small bubbles or cracks on the surface of the paint. These blisters are rot and mould. painting can also be caused by extreme weather such as storms, strong sunlight, sandy winds, and severe winters. Paint bubbles and cracks are uglier than fading and are a sign that a repaint is needed.


Peeling is probably the ultimate sign that a repaint is needed. The paint should not flake off, but poor-quality paint will eventually flake off. Other factors, such as strong sunlight or harsh winters, can also cause peeling. Peeling paint leaves your home looking old and dilapidated, and exposes your walls to damage from elements such as extreme weather.


Chalking is not always easily recognizable. To determine if your house paint is chalking, run your hand over the surface to feel its texture. If the paint chalks and feels hard, that is a sure sign that chalking is occurring.

Weather and other elements cause chalking over time. Repainting should be considered immediately as it can endanger the health and the environment.

Aging out

Different brands of paint have different life expectancies. Good quality paints have an average lifespan of 7-10 years, while poor paints last less than 5 years. Aging is usually accompanied by other signs such as blistering and chalking, but these may not be serious. After the expiration date, the house will need to be repainted.


You don’t always get what you ask for in paint. Morphing is the complete or partial fading and changing of colours. When exposed to sunlight, it often turns from beige to pink in just a few weeks. Morphing only affects the exterior finish, but some brands are designed to withstand the effects of UV rays.

Morphing can be beautiful or ugly, but in the latter case, you have to redraw.

Hardened caulk

The house expands and contracts as the weather changes. Caulking is designed to stretch to fit your home but eventually loses its elasticity. Hardened caulk can damage walls and should be replaced regularly.

New House

The age of a house plays an important role when planning a paint job. New homes are painted after construction to protect the walls. However, this one-time coating is not enough, and reinforcement is required after about five years. When your home is about five years old, do the math and plan for a repaint.

Rotten wood

One use of paint is to protect the walls of your home. Rotten wood is therefore a sure sign that your current paint is ineffective and a good reason to repaint it soon or face more damage and higher costs.

Lack of appeal

The basic purpose of colour is aesthetic. Your home’s current colours may have been appealing in the past, but tastes and preferences change over time. Because your home is the perfect place to call your own. You need to make sure it suits you in every way, so if you don’t like your current colour, consider modifying it. Painters should pay special attention to this when painting interiors.

Go For the Best.

As explained earlier, quality is a key determinant of painting. Low-quality paint may be cheap, but it won’t last, look good, or protect the walls of your home. Therefore, only high-quality paint should be used. Also, ensure that you hire the best residential painters in Perth to get the job done. You canrely on local handyman services for the best results.

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